Elegant ear studs and earrings for every occasion

Are you looking for elegant ear studs and earrings to sparkle on any occasion? Discover the range from BAUNAT.

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Is 3D-printed jewellery the future for jewellers?

3D-printed jewellery: technology of the future? • Explore custom-made jewellery at BAUNAT

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A guide to building up your jewellery collection

What are the ten essential pieces all women must have in their jewellery collection? The experts at BAUNAT are on hand to help you start your collection

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Diamond jewellery style guide

Are you looking for diamond jewellery to match your fashion, physique or hairstyle? The experts at BAUNAT have some advice for you, in our comprehensive style guide

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Caring for a diamond ring with a fabric cloth — BAUNAT

What's the best way to clean your jewellery?

Cleaning your jewellery; where to start? The BAUNAT jewellery experts provide practical tips on jewellery cleaning, safekeeping and upkeep.

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Clean your jewellery yourself

Can I Wear My Engagement Ring In The Pool? The Effect Of Saltwater And Chlorine On Jewellery

What effects do saltwater and chlorine have on engagement rings? Learn how to clean and protect your engagement ring in this expert guide by BAUNAT.

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