It is that time of the year again, when the weather is getting cold and the days are shortening. But most importantly, it is the time when you start thinking about the holidays and the celebrations to come with your family and friends. Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties are around the corner, so here is a quick guide to which gold jewellery you should wear for your Christmas party.

  • Small is desirable
  • Subtle is pleasing
  • Sparkly is appreciated

Small is desirable

Christmas parties and dinners are usually filled with lights and lots of warm and glowing colours. Whether you have chosen to wear one of those knitted Christmas themed jumpers that some people find so “ugly” but so loveable, or whether you prefer a red Christmas dress or a sparkly one, it is important to choose your gold jewellery carefully. Which is why we believe that: “small is desirable”. As in a small and delicate piece of jewellery such as gold diamond earrings or a gold necklace are perfect to complement the vivid and shiny outfits that are commonly worn for Christmas.

Subtle is pleasing

Along with the idea of small pieces of gold jewellery, we recommend the design to be subtle and elegant. That way you can easily wear it not only at your Christmas party, but also at other special occasions such as birthdays or weddings throughout the year. Moreover, a design that is too heavy or intricate may clash a little with the busyness of the Christmas outfits and decor, which is why we recommend more simple but timeless designs for your gold jewellery.

Sparkly is appreciated

Whenever we speak of end of year celebrations, we need to see lights, sparkles and brilliance. Therefore, a sparkly diamond piece of gold jewellery is a must. As mentioned before, it does not have to be an imposing necklace with a river of diamonds, but rather a unique diamond solitaire necklace, a pair of perfect diamond studs or both.

The idea is to have gold jewellery that adds a lovely glamorous and elegant touch to your Christmas outfit, without weighting it down. Consequently, small, subtle and sparkly are the perfect combination of elements needed for your special Christmas party this year.

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