1. Brilliant Studs

Every woman deserves some sparkle in her life, and understated diamond earrings are the perfect way to do just that. These small studs will instantly elevate your look, are ideal for every occasion, and will give any outfit a touch of glamour.

One can go for round brilliant studs or studs with princess diamonds which have a square cut and give a modern touch.

Round and princess diamond studs, Classic collection of BAUNAT

  1. A Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is an in-line thin bracelet with a symmetrical pattern of diamonds. It got its name from Chris Evert a former world No.1 tennis player who was wearing one while playing in the US Open which accidentally broke causing the match to be interrupted so that she could recover her precious diamonds. That incident gave it a new name as well as generated a lot of interest. Many tennis stars such as Serena Williams continue to wear one.

Tennis bracelet of Classic collection of BAUNAT

  1. Pendant

Although the round diamond is the most preferred diamond shape for rings, we see many different shapes for pendants, for example pears and hearts. The elegant shape of a pear cut diamond gives that perfect shine to one’s appearance. 

Pear shaped diamond pendant, Classic collection of BAUNAT

Heart shaped diamond pendant, custom made collection of BAUNAT

  1. A right hand ring

As the saying goes, "The left hand is for thee, the right hand is for me". The left hand is traditionally the hand that bears a wedding ring, but what about self-conscious women who would like a diamond ring for the sheer pleasure of it?

Right hand rings are designed more like cocktail rings, featuring clusters of smaller diamonds that run largely in north/south designs with lots of surrounding negative or open space. Contrast this to the traditional three stone solitaires and a classic, solid wedding band. Rings for the right hand are intended to showcase the happiness of a woman, worn on the fourth finger and sometimes the pinky.

Diamond ring of Nathu collection, designers Wouters & Hendricks for BAUNAT

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