Every occasion is a good reason to buy a diamond jewel for your loved one: from her birthday to Mother’s day. Or why not consider totally unexpected? A reason is not always needed. You never just buy diamonds. It is a serious process were primarily personal style and taste should be taken into account. But it’s more than that. Therefore we give you some tips to simplify the search for the perfect diamond jewel. 

Buy what she loves, not what you like to see

The biggest mistake men make, is that the primarily focus on what they love to see. However you buy a diamond jewel for her, and not for yourselves. A jewel is an extension of her personality. Check therefore what she loves. What does she like? Which style does she have? Rather classic? More vintage? Or does she stand out because of her extravagant outfits? By surprising her with a diamond jewel which matches her personal style and taste you show that you know her very well. And that is what she appreciates.

Look at her jewellery box

By looking at her jewellery box, you get an idea of what she likes. But look at how she combines her diamond jewellery and which is still missing from her collection.

Observe her during shopping

While shopping women give all kind of hints of what they like. Breathing quickens, they sound excited, their eyes sparkle, etc. In short, body language is very important. Women also dare to give some less subtle hints. Observe her, but never show that you are looking for a diamond jewel to surprise her.


Listen to her. This perhaps the best advice we can give you. Just as when shopping women give daily subtle hints of what they love to see and what they like. Therefore again: observe her very carefully!

Ask her best friend

If you totally lose the overview, you can always call for help. Her best friend is the perfect person to help you in the search for a perfect diamond jewel. Probably he or she knows her much longer, so they will have a better idea of what she likes or not.

Hopefully these tips will help you. However if you need more help when buying a diamond jewel, do not hesitate to contact us.

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