Whether they are for a festive occasion or an important meeting at the office, diamond earrings finish your look off to perfection! They flawlessly complement any casual or smart outfit and show that an active lifestyle and a touch of glamour really can go hand in hand. BAUNAT has them all, in a range of styles, sizes and colours.

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Diamond earring types

There are countless types of earrings to choose from, all highly distinctive. These are the most popular:

  • Hoop earrings
  • Stud earrings
  • Ear threaders
  • Pendant earrings
  • Ear cuffs

One kind are our diamond stud earrings. These are very small earrings that, when viewed from the front, seem to float on the ear. So you don't see that they go through a hole. They are secured at the back with a screw.
A second type are hoop earrings. As the name suggests, these are large gold earrings that may or may not be set with diamonds. They have a long history, and in recent years have undergone a true revival.
Woman wears BAUNAT white gold diamond earrings in a leaf design
Another earring type are pendants. These are longer earrings that vary in length depending on the selected style. They can also vary in shape. They can be linear but also flamboyant in design. Pendants can be set with diamonds, in a straight line or another design pattern.

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Which style of earring compliments your face shape?

Your face shape bears the greatest influence on which type of diamond earrings will suit you best. Opt for earrings that are the 'reverse' of your face shape. Is your face shape more rounded? If so, slightly longer earrings will be perfect for you. Long earrings visually lengthen your face.

An oval-shaped face is at its broadest at the cheekbones and narrows slightly at the chin. To minimise the length, small earrings suit an oval face-shaped woman the best. Our advice? Opt for elegant diamond studs. Or is your face more angular? If so, flamboyant medium to large-sized earrings are ideal in softening your straight lines a little.

Which earrings should I choose if I wear glasses?

If you wear glasses the best earrings to choose are either gold studs with diamonds or other small earrings. Long pendants could perhaps get in the way. Anyway, small earrings are far from boring. Just take a look at these design studs from the Solé Collection.

Which style of earring compliments your hair style?

Woman with white gold BAUNAT earrings
Women with long hairstyles can wear all manner of diamond earrings. The same applies to those with medium length hair. The notion that women with short hairstyles couldn't wear long earrings abounded for a long time, but nothing could be further from the truth. Rest assured, with a sleek, short hairdo you really can wear longer pendants.

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Do though avoid oversized, striking earrings that reach your shoulders. They will upset your facial balance. Do you have grey hair? If so, opt for the vivid, vibrant colour of the blue sapphire.

Which precious metal to choose?

The precious metal you choose for your diamond earrings depends on a number of factors. Personal preference is, of course, one of them. Besides that, your hair colour and the make-up you wear play an important role too.

White gold or platinum earrings

In the past a lot of jewellery was made of platinum. It was only around a century ago that white gold began to be used as an alternative. Taken at face value, these two precious metals have a great deal in common. Yet there are differences between white gold and platinum. Over time white gold loses its white colour slightly, , but it is cheaper. Which is why jewellers apply a delicate rhodium protective layer. If you would like to buy a pair of gold earrings, by all means opt for white gold. Platinum is rarer, trickier to manipulate and as such, is more expensive.

Yellow gold earringsgold is exceptionally colourfast. Is your skin tone warm? If so, yellow gold earrings are most certainly for you. Women with a cooler skin tone are better off opting for diamond earrings in white gold. One of the greatest advantages of women's earrings in yellow gold is they can be perfectly combined with gold jewellery and jewellery in other precious metals from your collection.

Red gold earrings

Red gold diamond earrings are a popular accessory for women with red hair, but in fact women of all skin and hair types can wear them. Especially that red gold vintage jewellery is popular now. Do you have a penchant for retro? If so, why not go for a pair of red gold earrings with a matching red gold bracelet or necklace.
Red gold earrings give you incredible vintage allure

Which precious metal suits my hair colour?

Red gold suits red hair, but this tint also looks fantastic with blonde hair too. Yellow gold earrings look stunning with brown hair, whilst white gold or platinum earrings are ideal for black or red hair.

Which colour earring best suits my make-up?

White gold or platinum earrings look fabulous with a cool, light eye shadow.
Yellow gold earrings are best combined with a gold or bronze eye shadow. A pair of red gold earrings complement green eyes perfectly as well as copper eye shadow.
BAUNAT XO diamond earrings

The latest trends in earrings

As previously mentioned, hoop earrings are most definitely increasing in popularity. These trendy earrings are perfect for bone fide fashionistas. But floral design earrings are also bang on trend too. Indeed, the somewhat bigger, the better. But in contrast to these striking earrings there are of course more minimalist designs. These too are highly fashionable. For that matter, it is definitely possible to wear asymmetric diamond earrings.

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Diamond earrings for any occasion

Diamond earrings abound for any occasion. Read on to find out which earrings are best worn for which occasion.
BAUNAT diamond stud earrings

Which diamond earrings should I wear to work?

Women are increasingly opting for simple jewellery to complement their office outfits. Elegance is what counts, which is exactly why a pair of diamond earrings is the ultimate work accessory, with the best choice being diamond studs. Add a touch of glamour to a plain outfit with some subtle sparkle. Besides, earrings don't impede daily activities.

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Which diamond earrings should I wear on holiday?

Big statement earrings aren't all that practical on holiday, unless for a dinner. Your day outfit can be jazzed up well with subtle, delicate diamond earrings or diamond stud earrings. These glitter fantastically when the sun or candlelight reflects off them. Moreover, you can wear them the whole day long if you do not come into contact with swimming pool water or sand. Ideal for a jaunt on the scooter or a museum visit.

Which diamond earrings should I wear to a special occasion?

Floral design diamond earrings from the BAUNAT Flowers Collection
You can go the whole hog when it comes to a special occasion. So why not go for a pair of long pendants or striking earrings in a floral design? Take a look at the design collections to be truly inspired.

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Which type of diamond earrings are the best present?

If you are buying diamond earrings as a present, the ideal pair mostly dependson the person to whom you are gifting them. If it's the lucky person's birthday, one lovely idea is to add their birth stone . It is not recommended to gift long pendants to children under the age of six. Stick to gold studs for little girls. A lovely pair of earrings is the ideal present for Mother's Day or as a bridal gift.

Why buy diamond earrings from BAUNAT?

As we procure our diamonds directly from source, we save on overhead costs. This means our jewellery is 30-50% cheaper.

Furthermore, we work exclusively with premium qualitative materials that are manipulated by artisanal experts in Antwerp. Each item of diamond jewellery is also given a certificate from a renowned laboratory.

Do you need help in making the right choice? If so, please do not hesitate in seeking style advice from the BAUNAT experts.

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BAUNAT gift packaging and secure delivery

BAUNAT gift packaging for diamond earrings, necklaces and rings
All BAUNAT jewellery comes in stunning gift packaging. This comprises a stylish bag, jewellery box and jewellery pouch. Naturally the gift packaging contains the item of jewellery, along with the diamond certificate of authenticity and a cleaning cloth. The packaging also keeps your purchase secure during transit. We work exclusively with trustworthy, reliable courier companies.

Are you ready to make your choice?

Choose your stunning pair of BAUNAT diamond earrings now, for yourself or as a fabulous present. Make sure you consider your face shape, the occasion, whether you wear glasses — and naturally — your personal preference.

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