• Seawater can lead to erosion that weakens golden jewellery.
  • As well as chlorine which is very prejudicial for jewels in silver, white gold and yellow gold 
  • Definitely also pay attention to sunscreen when you wear your golden bracelet or golden necklace.


Are you going on a holiday this summer? To enjoy the sun, the sea and the beach? Then of course you want to shine and look great. Just as the women laying on the beach in those magazines, posing with their big hats, fashionable sunglasses and bright golden jewellery. But can you wear your golden bracelets and necklaces to the beach or swimming pool?

A dive in the salty seawater can harm your golden bracelet or golden necklace. The salty water can lead to erosion, causing not only the precious metal but also the jewel to weaken. As a result, soldered parts and the gems with which the golden bracelet is set, can loosen. Sand is less damaging than the salty seawater but keep in mind that when you wear a bracelet or necklace with chains on the beach, the sand can get stuck between them. Therefore, for any type of visit to the beach, you can better secure your jewels in a safe place.

With a fresh dive in the swimming pool not only silver but also golden jewels can oxidise. The chlorine used in pools and jacuzzis is very prejudicial for silver, white gold and yellow gold jewellery. The higher the carats, the longer it takes to affect the gold. However, better safe than sorry, store your golden bracelet or golden necklace in the safe in your room before swimming. On top of that, diamonds are especially sensitive for discoloration when in contact with chlorine. If your bracelet is set with diamonds, definitely remove him before you are going for a swim.

Even when you aren’t planning on swimming or having a walk at the beach, it’s still recommended to remove your golden bracelet or golden necklace during the day. Sun crème has a bad influence on your silver and golden jewellery, as well as make-up and hairspray. Therefore, first dress up and finish your make-up before putting your golden bracelet and golden necklace on. When you keep all these tips in mind during your holiday, you can enjoy your exceptional jewels even longer.

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