Finding the perfect Christmas present is an annual hassle that you simply can't avoid. Do you dislike the whole Christmas thing or are you one of those people who postpones buying gifts? Make sure you start searching in time for that special Christmas or New Year present for your family member or partner. And why not opt for jewelry as a gift this year?

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Who are you buying a Christmas present for?

When buying a Christmas present it is of course important to consider the person you are buying it for. It's natural to buy different things depending on whether you are buying for a man or a woman, but it is no longer taboo to buy men jewelry as a gift. Consider a watch, a set of cufflinks or a ring.

Also look at the person's style and the jewelry they already wear. Is it more modern or more classic? Someone who wears a lot of red gold, for example, will be going for a vintage look. Nowadays, it is easier to combine precious metals, but if the person already wears striking jewelry you are best choosing somewhat subtler gifts.

You could also follow up on a previous gift. For example, a stackable ring that matches the one you gave her for Valentine's Day.

What is her ideal Christmas or New Year's gift?

You are best picking individual jewelry depending on your wife, mother or aunt's personality and style. We give you some sources of inspiration.

The perfect jewelry for Emma

Emma follows fashion to a tee with her personal sense of combining jewelry. She likes the collection of stackable rings. Emma has so much fun combining the rings with their different designs and gold colours. An attitude shared by many women in 2019/2020. What made her so enthusiastic?
I like making different combinations, depending on my outfit
Woman wearing BAUNAT stackable rings, suitable jewelry for a Christmas present
For someone like Emma, you are best choosing fashionable, modern Christmas jewelry. Such as these stackable rings for example, but you could also combine bracelets or necklaces.

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Elizabeth's ideal jewelry

For Elisabeth, the perfect jewelry for both her daytime and well as her evening outfits is the tennis bracelet. She is of course talking about this delicate and stylish bracelet, fully set with diamonds in a symmetric pattern, like this sparkling example in white gold with no fewer than 4.80 carat in diamonds.
A tennis bracelet is an ideal Christmas present: not for doing sport but to stand out
A tennis bracelet is one of the fashionable items of jewelry to give at Christmas or New Year - BAUNAT
A tennis bracelet is the right choice for any woman who loves simple but stylish Christmas jewelry.

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What Christmas present will Sophie be giving?

Butterfly designs have been very popular in recent years. As soon as Sophie walked into the showroom, she fell in love with this butterfly-shaped ring from the Monarca collection. Our people were inspired by the Monarch butterfly which, each year, makes an incredible long flight from North to South America.
'The jewelry caught my eye right away with its unusual craftsmanship
Woman wearing a butterfly ring from BAUNAT's Monarca collection
For Sophie, who loves to travel, this Christmas jewelry reflects her personality. A piece of jewelry that has both a playful as well as an elegant appearance. A frequent traveler herself, she recognises herself in this jewelry.

View this butterfly ring here

Why does Amélie love the Nathu collection?

Jewelry truly reflects who you are. Show us your earrings and we will tell you the kind of person you are. That is clearly the case with Amélie: 'I want to live my life according to the motto less is more. That is why I love these earrings from the Nathu collection so much.' The earrings have a simple design and easily complement any outfit. Classic and modern at the same time.
I also love that these earrings look like little half-moons. In Chinese culture, the moon symbolises harmony and unity
Earrings for Christmas, a beautiful present like these - BAUNAT
For their Nathu collection, the Antwerp design duo Wouters & Hendrickx were inspired by abstract plant shapes. The result? A clear and minimalistic play of lines with a distinctive natural appearance.

Browse these earrings from the Nathu collection

Why does Sabina love receiving diamond earrings more than anything?

They are timeless, suit many different outfits and occasions and always have plenty of class and style. Timeless earrings are her favourite jewelry. Diamond stud earrings, for example, are a gift that everyone loves to receive. You run no risk as they are such a classic item.
Diamond earrings always suit me. Whether I am wearing a gala dress, an everyday outfit or a business suit
Woman wearing white gold pendants from BAUNAT
For a woman with many sides to her, we advise simple Christmas jewelry. You could make Sabina happy with these timeless earrings, but a simple necklace would also do nicely for women like her. They can easily combine this type of jewelry for many occasions.

Buy these white gold earrings here

What would Esmée like to find under the Christmas tree most of all?

We end the year with the sparkle of a diamond necklace, where the pendant is the person's name. Esmée really loves that … “I am a big fan of the unique look of a name pendant.' she confesses.
My ideal New Year's gift is a necklace personalised with my own name
A name pendant gives a necklace meaning - BAUNAT
You can be creative with your choice of words. It doesn't have to be a name pendant, you could also add a special message to this necklace. A perfect piece of Christmas jewelry.

Browse this beautiful necklace here

What is the perfect gift at Christmas and New Year?

Anyone who thinks that giving diamond jewelry as a special Christmas or New Year's gift only applies to women is wrong. Nowadays, men can quite easily wear jewelry set with diamonds. Influenced by stars such as Johnny Depp, Ed Sheeran and David Beckham, jewelry is becoming increasingly popular among men.

Why Alexander loves the Swiss collection of watches

Alexander considers pure craftsmanship very important. He, therefore, opts for a watch from the Swiss collection. The mechanical watches from BAUNAT come with a transparent back so you can admire the inner workings.
For me, a watch is an important accent of my outfit. The finesse and craftsmanship of the Swiss watch makes this the perfect Christmas gift for me.
Man wearing a BAUNAT Swiss watch
A mechanical watch is suitable for men who appreciate craftsmanship. They like winding up the watch and looking after it and appreciate the inner workings.

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What Christmas jewelry would Victor like to find under his Christmas tree?

Men wearing rings, is becoming increasingly popular. Victor thinks it's high time for his first diamond ring, and preferably one with black diamonds. He thinks they're pretty cool.
I think the black diamonds would be an extra touch for my first ring. It is important that it is masculine
A black ring is a beautiful item of jewelry for Christmas or New Year - BAUNAT
Men like Victor are suitable candidates for a black diamond ring. Men who don't like to be in the spotlight with striking jewelry will also be very happy with this ring as a Christmas present.

Browse our black diamond rings here

Give jewelry to a child

A diamond bracelet or a pair of earrings is ideal Christmas jewelry. How about a nice pair of diamond studs as their first earrings? A present they can enjoy for years. Diamond stud earrings are popular with young and old because they suit every outfit, from classic to extravagant. For your child, you should keep them on the smaller side though. To match her taste you could also choose from various diamond shapes.

Studs with white or colourless diamonds in a white gold or platinum setting are timeless. You could also pick drop earrings, but be careful that they don't get in the way when your child is playing.

Personalise your gift

There are various ways to personalise your Christmas jewelry.

  • You can have text engraved on the inside of a ring or bracelet. So you can add a personal message, important date or motto that adds a wonderful meaning to your gift.

  • You can also give a lovely message with a birth stone. Choose a stone that matches her birth month, a Toi et Moi ring or satellite bracelet, for example.

  • You don't think that is personal enough? Then have an item of jewelry custom-made or design something yourself. You could have your wife's name made in a personal locket or design a ring that is perfectly suited to her taste. Please do not hesitate in seeking style advice from the BAUNAT experts.

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What jewelry will you buy for yourself to sparkle between Christmas and New Year?

New Year's Eve is the perfect evening to shine with sparkling diamond earrings in your ears. As long as they have a high enough sparkle factor, then stud earrings on their own will be festive enough. A second option is striking pair of entourage earrings. You can dress it up a bit at Christmas and New Year's Eve after all!

And it doesn't really matter what you are planning on wearing. A sexy dress or a stylish jumpsuit? Earrings complete any outfit.

Will you choose studs? Then you have more room to play about with precious stones in other pieces of jewelry. How about combining an emerald cocktail ring with a wide diamond tennis bracelet. A simple necklace will complement your outfit wonderfully.

When are you starting your search for the perfect jewelry for Christmas or New Year?

If you start searching ahead of time, you will beat the crowds and have a better chance of finding exactly what you want. Are you looking for a wonderful piece of jewelry? Most BAUNAT jewelry is delivered within 10 days. For custom-made designs, it takes about four weeks. Keep that in mind when you are looking for the ideal Christmas jewelry.

Are you unsure about the jewelry in question? With jewelry from our standard collection, you can return the jewelry within 30 days after purchase and get a full refund.

What can I expect from my BAUNAT gift?

You can buy your diamond jewelry online safely at BAUNAT. The brand represents certified quality at the best possible price. Our diamond jewelry is of exceptional quality because of our years of expertise. We have fewer intermediaries and limited overheads meaning we can offer you our diamond jewelry at highly competitive prices.

With an extensive jewelry collection from Belgian soil crafted by hand in the diamond capital Antwerp, we are the ultimate partner for all your diamond gifts. Our Antwerp-based specialists respect traditions and boast the technical know-how in crafting top quality jewelry. Which is why we can offer you a 20 year product guarantee.
Your gift will be beautifully wrapped by BAUNAT
When you place your BAUNAT Christmas jewelry gift order, we handle it with the utmost care and discretion. What can you expect once you have placed your order?

  • Free and insured delivery of your gift

  • Delivery usually within 10 working days

  • Exclusive gift wrapping

  • Possibility to return the jewelry within 30 days

  • 20 year guarantee

Other special times to give someone jewelry as a gift

It is not only Christmas and New year that are great times to give someone diamond jewelry as a gift. Valentine's Day or Mother's Day are also special days to put someone in the spotlight. We give you even more inspiration below.
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