The tennis bracelet is a popular item of jewellery and has a permanent place in the jewellery box for many women. This item of jewellery exudes elegance through the fine bracelet set with small white diamonds. Simplicity itself! What's the meaning behind the tennis bracelet? And how do you mix and match this item of jewellery elegantly on different occasions?

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What does a tennis bracelet look like?

Tennis bracelets are very fine, ladies' wrist jewellery with a symmetrical arrangement of diamonds. In the past, diamonds were set very close together on a tennis bracelet. That's why they are also called diamond bracelets or eternity bracelets. Nowadays there are a lot of variations on this type of jewellery. Different settings, thicknesses, precious metals and colours of precious stones mean tennis bracelets in every style.
A tennis bracelet is similar to an eternity ring: with diamonds set very close together

What's the meaning behind the name "tennis bracelet"?

Former tennis star Chris Evert, who gave rise to the name, tennis bracelet - BAUNAT
The tennis bracelet got its name from tennis. And if you follow tennis, you may already know this story. In 1987, top American tennis player Chris Evert was playing at the US Open. Evert always wore a diamond bracelet on the tennis court, designed by George Bedewi. Journalists therefore often referred to her jewellery as a "tennis bracelet".
The bracelet became world-famous during a match against Wendy Turnbull. She saw that the bracelet was no longer on her wrist, so asked for the match to be stopped immediately, until the precious bracelet was found.
It was important for Evert that the bracelet was found because it was her lucky charm.
The match was being broadcast live on TV, so many people watched the remarkable scene. It meant the tennis bracelet became popular with many women. Stars of the tennis world, such as Serena Williams, also flashed this jewellery about. The meaning of the tennis bracelet is therefore exactly as the word suggests and was already in use at the time of the incident, but only became widespread afterwards.

What's the most popular form of tennis bracelet?

Most diamond tennis bracelets are made of white gold or platinum, because these precious metals do justice to the colourless diamonds. If an exclusive tennis bracelet is more important to you, you could opt for timeless and classic yellow gold, or rose gold, the playful variety.

How do I decide on a tennis bracelet that suits me?

With a gold bracelet you shall always go to the ball. You can adapt your jewellery to suit either

your style
, or the occasion which you are looking for jewellery for. Now that you know the history and meaning behind the tennis bracelet, we should perhaps recommend not playing tennis with your bracelet on.
Rose gold tennis bracelet with diamonds from BAUNAT
You could wear a black dress and white gold tennis bracelet with diamond and matching diamond accessories. A rose gold tennis bracelet and white summer dress are the perfect romantic outfit for dining at sunset when away on holiday.

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Do you want to make your tennis bracelet a little more eye-catching and turn it into statement jewellery? Then choose a tennis bracelet with coloured diamonds. Then again, subtle golden links can be a perfect, discreet addition to the whole. Even if you prefer not wearing too much jewellery due to your active lifestyle, the sturdy yet elegant tennis bracelet is a valuable asset.
The sturdy tennis bracelet is perfect for active women

How do I do up and undo a tennis bracelet easily?

Every woman knows it is not easy to put on or take off a bracelet with links. The strap just slips off or keeps turning around your wrist. Fortunately, you can solve this problem using adhesive tape, a paper clip or a safety pin.

Stick one side of the tennis bracelet to your wrist. Or push the sharp end of a paper clip or safety pin through the loop or a link. Hold the other end of the clip or pin in your palm to hold the bracelet in place. This way, one part doesn't always keep shooting away.

What makes the diamond tennis bracelet so popular with women?

White gold tennis bracelet from BAUNAT on a woman's hand
Women, diamonds and bracelets... a perfect combination if you ask us. The tennis bracelet is preferred by a lot of women because it is stylish, though at the same time practical, jewellery. A tennis bracelet is not only light to wear, the jewellery is also not too tight around the wrist and comes in many sizes.

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We think of women's jewellery when we talk of tennis bracelets, but a tennis bracelet for men is also an option.

When should I give a woman a tennis bracelet?

Diamond jewellery remains the perfect gift for special occasions. The gift of a diamond can mark every milestone in a woman's life. A tennis bracelet has greater meaning when given for her birthday, for Mother's Day or wrapped up under the Christmas tree. It is certainly more original than a ring or pair of earrings.
White gold tennis bracelet on a blonde woman's wrist. - BAUNAT
Or why not ask her to marry you with several diamond jewellery? An engagement ring for when you go down on one knee, and a matching tennis bracelet for her to wear as bridal jewellery on the big day. She is sure to be surprised and to marry you with even greater love. What's more, it is also an excellent idea for the immediate family to give the bride a tennis bracelet as a gift.
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Which bracelets should I be familiar with?

A beautiful tennis bracelet is indispensable jewellery for every woman. But there are of course other designs that are more than worth it. The cuff bracelet for example. Do you know how to mix and match various kinds of bracelets properly?

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