Do you dare to mix and match different bracelets? Just as with stackable rings, it's on trend to mix and match several bracelets on your wrist. There are no actual rules, you mix and match to suit your style. Mind you, there is a thin line between looking elegant with lots of jewellery and having too many accessories. We have advice for you on refining the "party on your arm".

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Which materials and designs do I choose when mixing and matching bracelets?

The first decision you make when you want to mix and match several bracelets is the choice of precious metal. Which material and colour would you go for? For a classic combination, choose bracelets in matching colours, but in different styles and sizes. It looks like you have a single, unique piece of jewellery on your wrist, and you know nobody else is wearing the same combination.
If there are different colours in your bracelet, it's best to go for colourless diamonds.
Just as you mix and match different Ibiza bracelets, you can also combine bracelets in various precious metals and set with different precious stones. It certainly produces a wonderful effect on your arm: playful and colourful. Beyond any doubt, a great combination.
A white gold BAUNAT bracelet that you can mix and match perfectly.
The next step is to choose the beautiful diamonds which take your bracelet and your outfit to the next level. When mixing precious metals, colourless diamonds are the safest option. But there's nothing to stop you having one bracelet set with coloured diamonds, to attract everyone's attention to your wrist.

How do I know what length my bracelets should be?

The last but most important step in choosing the perfect diamond bracelet(s), is to measure your wrist. This is easily done using a tape measure, or at your jeweller's shop. The exact bracelet size is a matter of personal preference for you. Some people prefer a tighter bracelet, for others it might be a bit looser. For a tight bracelet you take the circumference of your wrist and add 1.5 cm, for a rather loose one it's the circumference plus 3 cm.

How can I make one bracelet stand out?

When choosing jewellery all in the same precious metal, it can be nice to have one bracelet stand out. Start off with one of your eye-catching items and create a new look every time. The possibilities are endless. Match one piece of jewellery with coloured diamonds together with your bracelets with white diamonds and play around with the position of the coloured bracelet.
This tennis bracelet from BAUNAT can be combined with others or worn separately
Another option is to have different designs define your style. Tennis bracelets are set with diamonds all round and therefore need nothing more than a few simple gold bracelets. The tennis bracelet lends a playful touch and is at the same time stylish worn alone, making it a perfect fit for any occasion.

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What is the secret behind well-balanced bracelet combinations?

Depending on exactly what you want to achieve by mixing and matching bracelets, there are a few avenues you can follow.

  • Do you simply want to be the star of the evening? Then wear bracelets in the same colour, but in different designs and sizes.
  • Is it more the intention to make a statement? Then you simply mix and match different colours and precious metals. Match your jewellery well with your clothing, too.
  • To make a statement bracelet stand out even more, mix it with simple bracelets.
  • Bracelets can give your outfit that extra touch. Make sure you mix and match bracelets well in terms of colour. This means you could combine gold and silver in your outfit and finish it off with several gold bracelets.
  • It's best to use slim types when mixing and matching bracelets. Wider bracelets don’t really match well together.

You could easily mix and match this bracelet from the Nathu collection with other jewellery. - BAUNAT
Do you wear your watch on your left hand, and do you want to make an impression combining bracelets? Then wear them on your right arm. Is your watch also set with diamonds and does it match your jewellery perfectly? Then we can only encourage you to wear it alone without any bracelets on the same arm, leaving an impression on everyone who admires your accessories.

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Should I wear long or short sleeves with multiple bracelets?

You don't need to stop wearing long sleeves when mixing and matching bracelets. Gold jewellery always adds a little extra to a long-sleeve evening dress. A dress with tight sleeves gives an impression of elegance and refinement. It is best to use matching slim bracelets and jewellery to keep everything in balance.

Don't hesitate to wear bracelets outside your long sleeves, either. This is trendy these days, and you can still let your bracelets shine out while wearing long sleeves.
The art of mixing and matching bracelets is to keep the overall picture in balance.
Do you want to match your summer dress with bracelets for dinner after a day at the beach? All gold bracelets are suitable for this. Anything goes when on holiday, so here you can even break the unwritten rule for once and wear slim bracelets on both arms. After all, it is the personal touch itself that guarantees your outfit will shine.

Would you like to mix and match subtle and breathtaking pieces from our bracelets collection? Or are you looking for advice on the right size and colour? Then browse our extensive collection of bracelets or ask for advice from one of the jewellery experts at BAUNAT.

What is it essential to know about bracelets?

You now know in detail how you can mix and match different bracelets, but how can you tell which type best suits your personality and style? What bracelet could you give as a gift - as a communion present, for example? And do you already know the story behind tennis and slave bracelets? You can learn all about it in these blogs.
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