Have you received a wedding invitation? Does it include a dress code? The main rule for guests is of course no white! That colour is reserved for the bride. However, couples sometimes choose a very specific dress code. Cocktail, smart casual, summer chic... you will undoubtedly come across these dress codes. What is expected of the guests? And what gold jewellery do you wear yourself as a bride to go with your wedding outfit?

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In the late nineteen twenties, more and more companies organised cocktail parties to which women were also invited. They soon found the perfect dress for this occasion. In theory, a cocktail dress reaches just above or just on the knee. Choose a dress with a refreshing detail such as a distinctive neckline or an attractive stylish colour. Playing safe? Go for a pastel shade.

Cocktail is probably the most popular dress code for a wedding and we have to thank the 'modern working woman' from the late nineteen twenties for that.

Men wear a suit or a smoking jacket. However, if a cocktail party happens to be informal, then just forget about the tie or handkerchief. As a woman, you complete your cocktail look with the perfect pumps, a matching clutch bag and dazzling gold jewellery. But make sure that you do not wear too much statement jewellery.
Cufflinks which match the wedding etiquette for a cocktail dress code. – BAUNAT

What gold jewellery matches the cocktail dress code?

For women, accessories such as a gold diamond ring and potentially a necklace are sufficient. Although with a cocktail dress, you are allowed to wear a pair of eye-catching gold earrings. Especially if you choose a pastel coloured dress, a beautiful slave bracelet or a tennis bracelet will definitely complete the look. Do you appreciate the details? Then choose the same precious metal for all your accessories.

As a man, you will immediately look sleek in a suit, with potential trendy accessories such as cufflinks or, for those who like that sort of thing, braces. Or adorned with a necktie or bow by famous fashion designers? Beautiful!

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Cufflinks which match the wedding etiquette for a cocktail dress code. – BAUNAT

What may you wear for a black-tie dress code?

To respect the wedding etiquette, for a black-tie dress code you wear a long evening gown. Although nowadays a chic jumpsuit is also allowed. In any case, choose a stylish simple dress without prints. Dark colours such as blue, brown and purple, just like black, are preferable. But classy red or green are also possible. Black tie is the ideal dress code for large and exclusive occasions and gala parties.

The chic black-tie dress code shows that you may expect that bit more from the party and is not just reserved for weddings, but also for business events.

Men must not show any doubts. For them, this dress code means a smoking jacket or a simple tailor-made suit in black or dark blue. Normally, the shirt is pure white and worn with a waistcoat. This is a sleeveless jacket which is cropped at the front. Don 't forget your black patent shoes and black stockings.
Gold earrings which fit well with the wedding etiquette. – BAUNAT

What accessories do you wear to a black-tie party?

The black-tie dress code definitely works with your finest jewellery. The more glamourous, the better! So definitely choose a set of gold jewellery: earrings or a ring finished with dazzling diamonds. Will you wear a hat? Then choose slightly longer earrings so that they are definitely visible. Is your gala dress strapless? A short striking gold chain with diamonds, such as a choker, gives your stylish look even more allure.

Men normally wear a tie for a black-tie event. For a less formal occasion, you can opt for a tie in a different colour.

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Gold earrings which fit well with the wedding etiquette. – BAUNAT

What is the difference between white tie and black-tie?

The biggest difference between black tie and white concerns the look. Black tie is more festive, white tie is more formal. For the white tie look, take everything out of your wardrobe to dazzle as much as possible. Literally! The gala dress that you chose for a black-tie party is possible, but it may be more than that. Think of a long satin or silk dress, finished with pearls or crystals.

White tie is the most formal dress code and is worn especially for official occasions such as a formal gala, an opening ceremony or a meeting with royals.

Men wear a dress suit, a suit which is only worn in the evening. It consists of a black jacket with silk lapels, with long tails. Along with the dress costume, patent shoes without laces and black socks are always worn.
 A gold necklace that matches the white tie wedding etiquette. - BAUNAT

What accessories fit with white tie?

Women wear above the elbow-length gloves or a stole over their shoulders. So the gold diamond ring is not needed. Other high-quality jewellery is of course essential. Go for exclusiveness and elegance but do not overdo it. A beautiful set of gold earrings with diamonds and a stylish bracelet or gold necklace are enough.

According to the etiquette, a watch is not needed! Definitely not for ladies. The main accessory for men is a white tie, never a black tie. During white tie events, black ties are worn by the staff.

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What is meant by summer chic?

If you choose a dress, then try out different shapes and textures. What would you say to an airy loose dress in cotton or linen? Certainly do not be shy to experiment with colour or prints. Both pale pastel colours and striking bright colours are allowed.

Do you really not feel comfortable in a dress? Then opt for a stylish jumpsuit. Trousers with a top are also possible. Of course, provided that you still look classy. Trousers with a top in satin or another shiny material are an excellent choice.

Summer chic is the dress code which gives the most freedom of choice. A dress is allowed but not obligatory.

Men also have the most freedom of choice with summer chic. They can opt for a completely finishedsuit but just as much for chic jeans with a T-shirt and blazer. The whole look can be completed with dress shoes or dressy sneakers.
A butterfly ring: one of the gold jewellery pieces which fit with summer chic. – BAUNAT

What accessories fit with summer chic?

An airy loose dress in cotton or linen looks lovely with a short shawl around the neck and a larger straw sunhat. Do you choose a dress in a statement colour? Then finish the look with more subdued accessories such as a modest gold diamond ring. With a jumpsuit you can also wear gold jewellery such as a long gold necklace.

So definitely choose a pair of gold earrings or a gold necklace with a pendant which reflects the summer. Nature elements such as flowers and butterflies go particularly well with this look.

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A butterfly ring: one of the gold jewellery pieces which fit with summer chic. – BAUNAT

What are the style rules for tenue de ville?

If you follow the rules strictly, you choose a suit or a chic knee-length dress with long sleeves. Best with pantyhose and medium high heels. A fantastic dress for the tenue de ville look is a short A-line dress.
A tennis bracelet for the tenue de ville wedding dress code. – BAUNAT
Also preferably keep your gold jewellery understated: a lovely wide bracelet if you have no sleeves or short sleeves, a fine gold necklace and a pair of decorative gold earrings. Diamond studs in your ears are also a good idea.

The literal translation of tenue de ville is city wear. Men are then expected to wear a striped or plain suit with a matching tie.

Blue and grey are ideal colours for men, but summer pastel colours are also customary. The accessories for men are kept subtle. A classy men's ring or diamond tie pin are sufficient.

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A tennis bracelet for the tenue de ville wedding dress code. – BAUNAT

What do you wear for a smart casual look?

Smart casual is a dress code which is also popular in business circles. The dress code gives you enough space to express your own style. Do you not like wearing a dress? Then choose a lovely, but chic jumpsuit. Do not make your look too casual, but also not too chic. Instead, try to find a good balance. Also try to avoid prints that are too busy. If you wish to stand out a bit more, it is better to choose one bright colour.

Smart casual is more difficult to describe because this comfortable smart style can be interpreted in different ways and the middle road is between formal and informal.

For men the best tip we can give is: wear what you would wear to work or for a first date. Smart casual stands for comfortable and smart combined. A nice shirt is a good basis. It is fine to choose a somewhat sturdier shirt. And with that shirt, you can choose dress trousers or a lovely chino.
A fine gold pendant if this fits with the smart casual wedding etiquette. – BAUNAT

What accessories fit with a smart casual look?

The shoes may be high-heeled pumps, but they are definitely not obligatory. A comfortable heel such as the trendy kitten heel is ideal. Accentuate your outfit with subtle gold jewellery such as fine pendant gold earrings. They are simple eye catchers which allow every type of woman to look radiant. Just like a fine gold necklace with a diamond pendant. A timeless classic!

For men a tie is only optional. Finish the look with trendy but smart shoes.

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What dress code fits with what time of the day?

Do the bride and groom want to have a lovely relaxed wedding, during the day in the sun-drenched green garden of a restaurant? Then the dress code is casual. Or do they prefer an informal evening wedding reception? Men wear nice trousers and a stylish, dark button down. It just adds that touch of chic, just enough.

The dress code can also depend on the time of day or the place where the ceremony takes place.

For a ceremony or reception in the late afternoon or early evening you should be prepared to wear something to keep you warm. As a woman, possibly wear a short jacket in faux fur or leather should it get chilly. Or why not a graceful shawl?
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What gold jewellery does the bride wear on her big day?

As a bride, choose which particular gold jewellery colour fits with your bridal style. Timeless, vintage or trendy? A beautiful pair of simple, diamond earrings are always a good choice of jewellery for every bride, whatever your style. After all, they accentuate your face shape, make-up and hairdo more than your dress.

For the bride a pair of diamond earrings are a must. This gold jewellery is timeless and also a smart investment for the future.

What other gold jewellery matches your wedding outfit? If you wear a dress with a closed neck, a necklace will be superfluous. A dress with long lace sleeves accentuates your arms so a bracelet is not really necessary.

Which earrings match your wedding dress?

In any case, take the neckline and the colour of your wedding dress into consideration. If you wear a red wedding dress on your big day, you can combine that nicely with stud earrings with a beautiful sparkling diamond. With the reflection of the bright colour, they will appear to sparkle even more. Do you prefer to get married in white? Then it is best to take the neckline of your wedding dress into consideration when choosing the earrings.

OStud earrings with a stunning colourless diamond are a perfect match for your red wedding dress. 

For a square neckline, you can wear long earrings with diamonds, just as for a strapless neckline - if you do not wear the necklace. Stud earrings, with or without coloured stones, are the best match for dresses with a boat neck.

Which earrings compliment your hairdo and face shape?

Your earrings are allowed to stand out at your wedding. Whether you have short hair or long locks, long gold earrings almost always give a stylish accent to your wedding outfit. If you wear your hair up, you can choose more subtle diamond stud earrings.

Your face shape is more important for the choice of the earrings than your hairstyle.

Long pendants will make your face seem longer and round earrings soften a square face. A rectangular face suits short earrings best. A round face suits long, narrow earrings best
Bride holding a tiara. BAUNAT helps brides to choose their gold jewellery.

What else influences my choice of bridal jewellery?

In the choice of your accessories, also take account of the material of your wedding dress and your partner's outfit. In this way, you will know what colours and patterns will look their best. Also be inspired by the theme and colour pallet of your wedding reception. For instance, lace makes a perfect combination with darker accents, such as gold jewellery with dark red precious stones.

Satin and silk radiate a certain luxury which matches really well with a diamond bracelet or tiara. Something old, new, borrowed and blue? Do not have any doubts if you wish to combine a few family pieces with your new bridal jewellery. However, make sure that your vintage jewellery is the same style as the rest of your accessories.

What influence do the seasons have on your choice?

If your wedding takes place in the autumn that doesn't immediately mean that you will have to hold the reception indoors. Just as in the summer, you can choose a lovely outdoor location. When the sun sets and it becomes colder, just move inside for the dancing and the dessert buffet. You can ask your guests to bring something warm for the evening, simply mention it on the invitation.

An autumn wedding requires a customized location, wedding dress and matching bridal jewellery. Gold jewellery in red gold is then an excellent choice.

An autumn bride can choose a dress with long sleeves, combined with a deep neckline or bare shoulders. Choose a wedding dress in a powder colour, such as pale pink or a beige blush colour. Combine your dress with a stylish jacket in faux fur or a stole and a pair of trendy boots. Can it be a bit more? Then choose over-the-knee boots.
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What gold jewellery adorns the seasonal bride?

Red is a true autumn colour. Red gold jewellery is therefore an excellent choice for an autumn wedding. Of course, you can also opt for yellow gold, white gold or platinum. We advise you to choose your bridal jewellery in function of the choice of the engagement ring and the wedding rings. So stick as much as possible with the same colour of precious metal.

Are you getting married in the winter? Then preferably keep your gold jewellery modest. Also take account of the fact that you will probably wear a stole or shawl. So it is better to choose small earrings with a diamond, sapphire or even a ruby.

It is a different story if you have to choose jewellery for a summer wedding, perhaps with an outdoor ceremony. In that case, you may stand out with eye catchers, such as a design necklace, inspired in natural lines and shapes.

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How do you choose a wedding ring that matches your engagement ring?

When choosing a wedding ring, it is actually better to start with your engagement ring. Because you will wear both for the rest of your life. It is best to choose a precious metal from the same material and in the same style as your engagement ring. This ensures a good match of your jewellery.

Your partner can choose the same wedding ring, such as a traditional simple gold ring, but nowadays many couples choose non-identical rings. For instance, there are many unique wedding rings with diamonds for men.

Read here more about the charm of each season for your wedding. Are you still looking for gold jewellery for your wedding? Start your search in the collection of wedding rings by BAUNAT or contact our experts for personal advice.

What do I know now about the wedding?

Now you already know how to wear the right outfit for a wedding and how you yourself can choose a beautiful dress and stunning jewellery depending on the season, your engagement ring and body features. But are you also familiar with the various traditions to do with weddings? Or would more information about choosing your wedding ring be really helpful? You can read more about this in the following articles.

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