Jewellery is beautiful, it tells a story, its colourful and bold and artistic, it is the symbol of friendship, of generosity and love. Jewellery is often passed down through generations, carrying a history of the wearer and owner, transmitting a real sentimental value. For all these reasons and because they are made of precious metals and gemstones and diamonds, they may also carry a high financial value, which is why they make the perfect investment asset.

  • Which type of jewellery is a perfect investment
  • How to protect your investments

Which type of jewellery is a perfect investment

For jewellery to be considered an investment, you do need to carefully select your pieces to ensure the highest potential for resale or increased value long-term.

Not just any jewellery is considered investment jewellery just because it is made of gold. The main value of the jewel lies in the value of the diamond, which needs to have certain criteria in order to be suitable as an investment piece.

It also needs to be made of a precious metal such as gold or platinum and set with precious fabulous gemstones or diamonds. The consistency of gold prices throughout time, and the fact that gold has proven to being resistant to inflation and a real risk free asset, makes it a perfect investment. Combine it with precious high quality gemstones or special diamonds and you have a winner!

How to protect your investments

Once you have bought you perfect piece of jewellery, even though you may be wearing it on a daily basis, it is important to know how to protect it. There’s the simple daily protection, where you need to pay attention to the activities you undertake while wearing your ring or other jewel. You should avoid any risky activity or one that involves certain substances that could damage the stone for example.

And when storing the item, it is important that you either store it individually in a box or soft pouch or make sure it has its own place in your jewellery box to avoid scratching.

Then you have to consider the protection of your item on the long-term and think about eventually buying a safe, where you could store your jewel over longer periods or when you are not at home.

The safe does not have to be a very large one, even a small one keeps petty thieves from getting their hands on your valued jewels too easily.

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