Despite slogging away day after day, they are placed in the limelight just once a year.  And, although we have been celebrating this joyful day for over 100 years now, many struggle to find the perfect gift for her.  But, saying that, she really is worth it, wouldn't you say? So, what can you give her that truly expresses your love and adoration, when words fall short? A day out, dinner, or stunning diamond jewellery?

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What's the story behind Mother's Day?

Mother and daughter cuddling. Give your mother an original Mother's Day present - BAUNAT
Both Mother's Day and  Father's Day  have made their way across from the States. Back in 1905, Anna Jarvis' mother, a single parent teacher from Philadelphia, passed away on the first Sunday in May. In light of the vital societal role mothers play, and her admiration for her own mother, Anna decided to organise an annual General Memorial Day of All Mothers. She managed to turn that day into an official holiday in 1914.
Especially in England, where Mothering Sunday has been celebrated since the 16th century, this family occasion had a commercial facet to it. In the past it was customary for young children to go and work for richer families. On their rare days off they returned home, picking flowers for their mother on the way, and then went to church together.

To us, Mother's Day is a day upon which she is relieved of all her caring responsibilities. So, let her have a lie-in and bring her breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. But, don't forget to give her an original present as well. One that tacitly conveys your devotion. Something that speaks volumes about your love for her, like nothing else can. Give her jewellery as a symbol of your everlasting love.

What jewellery conveys how much I love my mother like no other?

Earrings with sapphire from BAUNAT. Give your mother a jewel with her birthstone as a gift

Personalised jewellery

No other jewellery conveys your love better than personalised jewellery. You can personalise it in different ways. You can have text engraved on the inside of a ring, or on the back of a locket. You could also opt for jewellery set with your mother's birth stone. Take these sapphire earrings that are ideal for mothers who celebrate their birthday in September. Naturally, you can have jewellery crafted that is entirely tailor made. That way you'll be sure to give jewellery entirely suited to your mother's taste, which will make her very happy indeed.

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Stacking rings from BAUNAT are a trendy jewel to give as a gift for Mother's Day

A diamond ring with special meaning

Rings are an ideal Mother's Day gift. The vast range in designs gives you ample choice. Why not go for trendy jewellery, like stackable rings? Or, would you rather the jewellery conveys a special meaning? If so, perhaps the best choice would be a ring set with a birth stone. Are you looking to give your mother a stunning statement piece on Mother's Day?  If so, opt for a cocktail ring.

Other rings that symbolise the love you have for your mother well are the toi et moi ring that combines two diamonds in a single ring, or the eternity ring that is set with diamonds all the way around and embodies your eternal love for her.

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A nameplate from BAUNAT is a very special gift for Mother's Day

A necklace that depicts her name or bears her memory

A necklace is, of course, a timeless gift that looks beautiful on any woman. You could opt for a simple design suitable for everyday use, or a necklace that can be personalised more. How about a locket on a chain? You could insert a photo into the locket of you and your mother together, so she always has you by her side.  Or, you could opt for a name pendant, like this one.

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A cuff bracelet from BAUNAT as a gift for Mother's Day

A bracelet in her inimitable style

Would you prefer to give a bracelet on Mother's Day? No problem! Indeed, a bracelet is easily matched to her style of clothing. A tennis bracelet  is an exceptionally classic bracelet that complements any outfit. In contrast, a cuff bracelet  is more contemporary and is also easily engraved. Helping you to convey your personal message to your mother. Does your mother already wear other bracelets? Make sure the style of the bracelet you choose matches those other ones, allowing her to combine them with ease.

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Diamond earrings from BAUNAT as original gift for Mother's Day

Timeless diamond earrings

Would you rather give a smaller present? If so, diamond earrings are a good option. Here too you have a wealth of choice. From studs to long, striking pendants. For everyday use we recommend simple designs such as studs or small pendants. These types of earrings are easier to combine with the rest of her jewellery. If you'd like to push the boat out a little further, you could go for more striking pendants. It all depends on your mother's personal style. Equally important is to bear her face shape and hair length in mind when choosing the perfect pair of earrings.

What should I look out for when choosing Mother's Day jewellery?

Key is that the jewellery matches your mother's or partner's other jewellery, her style in clothing and her lifestyle. Whilst making your choice, try to recall what she would make a beeline for. If, for example, she always goes for eye-catching statement earrings, do not then get her eye-catching rings or necklaces. This could possibly be overkill when she combines all the jewellery. Nowadays it is quite usual to wear jewellery made of different precious metals and colours together, on the same wrist, finger or ear.
Looking to combine jewellery made of different precious metals and colours? That's not a problem nowadays
Will your mother or partner be wearing the jewellery every day? If so, choose a dainty necklace that doesn't impede her activities. In terms of which precious metal to choose, platinum is always a good choice as it is hard-wearing. A tennis bracelet is also highly recommended for an active woman: it is a subtle yet beautiful item of jewellery. As regards earrings, studs are by far the most practical option.

Would you like to play it safe? If so, a timeless piece from the Classic Collection is the way to go. Nonetheless, our jewellery experts are always on hand to help you. Simply pop into a showroom for a one-on-one appointment, during which you will be given further insight into the jewellery that best suits certain styles of clothing and physiques. The jewellery experts will also be able to assist in determining the correct size for your item of jewellery.

What can I expect from my BAUNAT gift?

Buying your jewellery online at BAUNAT offers you all kinds of benefits. BAUNAT represents certified quality at the best possible price. By choosing from our premium precious metals and underpinned by BAUNAT's years of garnered expertise, you acquire diamond jewellery of outstanding quality. Fewer intermediaries and limited overheads mean we can offer you highly competitive diamond jewellery. Indeed, our online diamonds are up to 30-50% cheaper than elsewhere.

With an extensive jewellery collection, and jewellery designers, Belgian born and bred, crafting by hand in the diamond capital Antwerp, we are the ultimate partner for all your diamond gift requirements. Our Antwerp-based specialists respect traditions and boast the technical know-how in crafting top quality jewellery. Which is why we can offer you an extraordinary 20 year product guarantee.

When you place your Mother's Day BAUNAT jewellery gift order, we handle it with the utmost care and discretion. What can you expect once you have placed your order?

  • Free delivery of your insured gifts

  • Delivery usually within 7 working days

  • Exclusive gift wrapping

  • 20 year guarantee

Are you looking for the perfect way to express your affection for your mother or partner? But can't find the right words? Why not say it with BAUNAT diamond jewellery? Enjoy our special Mother's Day offer. Please don't hesitate in contacting our experts for further advice.

Other gifts at BAUNAT

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