• What is the story behind Viennese balls?
  • What is the dress code for a ball in Vienna?
  • What BAUNAT luxury accessories fit the occasion?

Every year, the Viennese ball season surprises the public with its elegance and its array of 300-400 impressive events. There is plenty of choice and attending multiple balls is highly recommended. And fitting to early modern traditions you cannot simply choose what clothing and luxury accessories to wear. The BAUNAT experts guide you through the history of the Viennese balls and gives you excellent tips on what clothes and jewellery what to wear.

What is the story behind Viennese balls?

The history of these so-called Viennese balls dates back to the 17th century. During the Habsburg monarchy, the Vienna Hofburg (the imperial palace in Vienna) served as the seat of government of the Dukes and Emperors of Austria, but during the Carnival season it also set the scene for numerous social and masked balls, planned and staged by order of the Emperor for the entertainment of the aristocracy.

Under the rule of Emperor Franz Joseph I, the most important dance event was the “Ball bei Hof” (or “ball at court”) in Vienna, which was only accessible to the court society. The “Hofball” on the other hand, served instead to open up the court of the Habsburgs to the public and with over 2000 guests, the event was truly impressive.

Despite of the fall of the monarchy in Austria, the ball tradition in Vienna is still very much alive today. It starts on the 11th of November and ends on Carnival Tuesday. For many of the 300 – 400 balls the dress code prescribes white tie, which means black tailcoats and bow ties for the gentlemen and elegant, floor-length ball gowns with fitting luxury accessories for the ladies.

To go to one of these Viennese balls you actually do not need to be invited. But keep in mind that the tickets, especially those for the most beautiful balls as the “Philharmoniker Ball”, are quickly sold out. Plan your ball visit early using the official Viennese ball calendar.

Woman wears luxury diamond accessories for a ball. - BAUNAT

What is the dress code for a ball in Vienna?

Once you have selected the ball you would like to participate in, the preparations begin:
men must buy or rent tailcoats and maybe even learn how to put on said garment correctly! Also, the shoes should be patent leather shoes in order to avoid streaks of shoe polish that could ruin a woman's delicate dance shoes. In such shoes a true gentleman wears only the finest black silk knee socks that reach over the calves.

“White tie” dress code for women equals a full-skirted ballgown, perfectly coiffed hair and extravagant jewellery. This is the event to pull out all the stops, for example with a stunning jewellery set from the BAUNAT High Jewellery collection. Even with this restricted dress code, there are still many choices to be made:

What BAUNAT luxury accessories fit the occasion?

Etiquette is of vital importance for such balls. For example: a gentleman may not wear a wristwatch but should opt for a pocket watch instead.

In order to enhance your elegant attire you should opt for fine luxury accessories, e.g. a parure consisting of matching earrings, bracelet and an impressive necklace.
You can even consider to wear one of these jewels in your hair, as a unique headpiece.

Last but not least, you want to make sure that you and your partner make a good impression on the dance floor regardless of your top-notch jewellery. So you might consider taking dancing lessons in order to practice ballroom dancing and especially the Viennese waltz!

Are you looking for a diamond jeweller from whom you can buy luxury accessories for this special event? Let the experienced BAUNAT team advise you on your choice!

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