• Something special for special occasions
  • Greatest classics of all time
  • Discreet earrings for those who love the minimalist look

There are some jewels that are absolute staples in your jewellery box. Which jewellery pieces, you ask? Read one to discover more. BAUNAT is an online jewellery store with its headquarters in Belgium that offers high quality jewellery at the best value for money.

Something special for special occasions

Wearing beautiful diamond earrings is ideal when attending an important event. The same goes for rings, bracelets and necklaces. For a woman who wants to radiate class and taking beauty, there is nothing more chic than wearing a beautiful diamond jewel.

Indeed, if you want to make yourself stand out, make sure you wear a beautiful white gold or yellow gold piece of jewellery. Yellow gold jewellery set with diamonds, rubies or sapphires will add an exceptional touch to your outfit. It is always classy and timeless. For a beautiful diamond jewel, visit the BAUNAT showroom in Belgium or visit our online website.

For special occasions like a wedding, a professional event or a gala, you can express your personality with the diamond jewellery you are wearing. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the online collection from BAUNAT, you can visit our showroom in Belgium and discuss designing a tailor made jewel with our experts.

Great classics for all women

Whether you are single or married, every woman needs one classic ring in her jewellery box. Of course, if you're already married, this ring can be different from your wedding band and your engagement ring. To add glamour to your everyday look, you can opt for a diamond jewel from BAUNAT, a jeweller in Belgium.

Depending on your tastes, you can opt for a white gold, yellow gold, red gold or platinum ring. It is also possible to choose a ring with or without precious stones. The most important thing is that you like the design and that you can wear it on a daily basis.

Discreet earrings for those who love the minimalist look

If you appreciate simplicity and discretion, you might not like jewellery designs that are too extravagant, with large precious stones and complicated metalwork. To meet your needs, some jewellery designers have specialized in designing simple design earrings that will make you look classy with minimum bells and whistles.

For example satellite earrings, or earrings with princess diamonds. For women who like the minimalist look, there are also discreet butterfly-shaped earrings, as well as hoop earrings embellished with small and subtle precious stones.

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