Although jewellery is not solely intended for women, it is still mainly women who like to collect a beautiful selection of jewellery. Jewellery collections evolve alongside fashion and every year there are new trends. One moment simplicity is key, the next season statement jewellery is all the rage.

But what are the bracelets that every woman should have in her jewellery collection? We share with you the two top must have bracelets for this season.

  • Satellite bracelet, the dainty must have bracelet
  • Gold slave bracelet, the timeless must have bracelet

Looking for the perfect must have bracelets to be trendy this season?

Satellite bracelet, the dainty must have bracelet

The satellite bracelet is a truly subtle and dainty must have bracelet because while it looks simple and discreet, it quickly adds sparkle to any outfit you may be wearing.

It is usually composed of one diamond that is bezel set on a lovely gold chain, or there may be several diamonds that are set at a short distance from one another and separated by a gold chain.

The name satellite bracelet comes from the overall look of this bracelet as the diamonds look like stars or satellites in the sky.

A must have bracelet that is elegantly packaged by BAUNAT.

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Gold slave bracelet, the timeless must have bracelet

Although the name might not suggest it, the slave bracelet has been a true classic for years.

This one-piece rigid bracelet, often called bangle, is so popular that every woman should have at least one in her collection.

The origin of the slave bracelet dates back to the trade of slaves in the Americas. Originally, women in the West African countries used to wear slave bracelets in copper as decoration. But the slave merchants quickly started using these bangles as a form of currency to purchase captive people, calling the bracelets “slave trade money”.

Today, ironically enough, these bangles are a symbol of status and wealth, especially if made of precious materials such as gold and diamonds.

Whether you choose a timeless classic with yellow gold or opt for a contemporary alternative in white gold set with diamonds, the bangle will always be a bracelet that you can wear easily for any occasion. From the sporty look in combination with jeans and white sneakers or on a sophisticated look as a finishing touch to a special evening dress.

The slave bracelet is a modern and timeless design that seems to return as a must have bracelet every year.

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