Buying an item of men’s jewellery is a major purchase and, as such, it can be tricky. This is particularly the case if you are shopping for an engagement ring or wedding ring. There is typically a smaller range of choice for men, meaning it can be hard to find your perfect item of jewellery.

Shopping for men’s jewellery in London may also seem daunting for the opposite reason; there are so many jewellers that it can be hard to know where to begin! BAUNAT has gathered our top tips for buying men’s jewellery in the Big Smoke to help you out.


Top tips for buying men’s jewellery

Buying men’s jewellery may seem a little daunting, as it has flip-flopped in and out of fashion for centuries, but it is actually a really good choice. Moreover, the production of men’s jewellery has increased in recent years, meaning that there is a huge variety to choose from. If that seems a little overwhelming, never fear; we have picked some handy tips to help you. Whether you are shopping for an item for yourself or looking for something more intimate, like an engagement or wedding ring, follow our advice for a smooth purchase.

1. Decide whether to follow the trends

Fashion trends are always changing, and this is also the case for jewellery. However, you do not have to follow the trends if you do not want to; if a particular fashion is simply not your style, then do not buy it!

2. Do your research

Have a look at online collections to decide what you like before you head into London to buy your men’s jewellery. If you are buying a piece secretly for the man in your life, why not look at the jewellery he already owns for inspiration? If this is going to be the first piece in his collection, have a look at his clothes or interior design choices. For instance, does he prefer classic styles or something more modern?

3. Think about your lifestyle

Another tip for purchasing men’s jewellery is to think about your lifestyle. If you work in a formal setting, then perhaps a diamond tie pin would be appropriate. Work with your hands? Then maybe avoid rings and go for a chain necklace instead. If you are new to wearing jewellery and are looking for something subtle, why not try out a designer watch?

Now you are armed with BAUNAT’s top tips, you are ready to head into London to buy your men’s jewellery!
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Where to search for men’s jewellery in London?

In general, if you are looking for jewellery in London, whether for a man or a woman, you want to head north of the River Thames and wander around the Mayfair area. Here you will find lots of well-known international jewellery sellers, including…

The BAUNAT London Showroom

Located on Brook Street in Mayfair, the BAUNAT London Showroom is the ideal place to go if you are hoping to buy an item of men’s jewellery in the Big Smoke. As entry is only available by appointment, you are guaranteed to receive individual guidance in a peaceful atmosphere. Our jewellery experts will be delighted to help you in your search for a piece of diamond jewellery.

If you are still unsure of where to start, why not contact our online advisors? They would be happy to give you tailored advice on what item of men’s jewellery would suit you or the intended recipient best.

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