• Tips for a carefree holiday with your most beautiful jewellery


Holiday season is the best time of the year and regardless of whether it’s a destination in Europe or a long-distance trip, women also want to look good and wear their jewellery on holiday. It is especially on holiday that there is often the opportunity in the evening to wear jewellery that we rarely wear, including precious diamond jewellery.

Get informed in advance

Valuable jewellery can be worn in hotels or at evening events in almost all countries without any problems but certain caution is required on the street or on excursions. Wearing real jewellery or even costume jewellery that seems real should be avoided for security reasons outside your own hotel, especially for long-distance travel to countries where the economic divide is high and poverty exists, such as Brazil or North Africa. The travel agent's website or travel guides usually contain helpful details.

Transporting jewellery in your hand luggage

Delicate diamond jewellery should never go in your suitcase; always pack it in your hand luggage. It is rare that suitcases go missing, but it does happen. This also ensures that no one has unseen access to your valuables. You should also think about a suitable container for storage.

Customs procedures

What many people don’t know: if valuables are exported on a trip outside the EU, this should be reported in advance to customs with a so-called simplified “certificate of identity” for travel if the value exceeds the sum of € 430. This not only applies to valuable diamond jewellery, it also applies to camera equipment, laptops and tablets. A simple form that proves that the valuables were not purchased on holiday, which could result in the valuables being subject to customs duties upon re-entry. If you take five minutes to fill out the form in advance, you do not need to provide any proof of purchase in the EU using receipts.

Storage in the hotel

Almost every hotel offers a classic room safe, usually with a freely selectable combination of numbers, which offers a certain protection against thieves. In the case of particularly valuable items, it is also usually possible to deposit them in the hotel safe near the reception. Hiding things is not advisable because what might be supposedly safe hiding for the layman, such as socks, empty containers of drug store articles, etc. are well known and quickly discovered by professional thieves.

No jewellery in the pool or sea

High-quality diamond jewellery is very robust, however chlorine and salt water are a real strain on your valuable pieces when exposed for a long time. It is best not to wear real jewellery in the pool and on the beach; there are plenty of other opportunities to wear it while on holiday.

Check your insurance

Jewellery is insured in homeowner’s insurance up to a certain limit, usually around 10% of the total sum insured. This also applies to holidays abroad of less than three months; valuables are generally covered by the so-called “external cover”. Nevertheless, it is advisable to brief yourself on the exact conditions of your insurance before going away. If there is insufficient cover, a relatively cheap separate insurance policy for valuables can be taken out.

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