When you wear diamond jewellery like an engagement ring or wedding ring on a daily basis, they can start looking a bit lustreless. Oil from your skin, dust, cleaning solutions and even plain water give your ring a small layer of tarnish, causing it to look less new and sparkling. Is cleaning diamond or gold difficult? How do I go about cleaning my jewellery safely at home? You’ll learn everything you need to know here.

  • How exactly do I clean my jewellery?
  • How can I remove oxidation from a precious metal?
  • How do I avoid scratches, oxidation and other types of damage?
  • When do I send my jewellery to the jewellery for cleaning instead of doing it myself?

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How do I go about safely cleaning my own jewellery at home?

Cautiousness is key when you’re looking to clean your own diamond jewellery, but you can safely do it at home. Diamonds and precious metals may be sturdy and qualitative, the design of jewellery is often delicate. Carefully cleaning your jewellery is easy with these 4 steps:

  1. Add a small splash of ammonia to a bowl of lukewarm water.

  2. Immerse your diamond ring for 10 to 30 minutes.

  3. Brush the diamond with a soft toothbrush. However, avoid contact with the precious metal in order not to scratch it.

  4. Dry the ring with a soft cloth for precious stones or another woven cloth.

In this 2:23-minute video, 2 ways to clean and protect your diamond ring are demonstrated.
Be a diamond. Flourish under pressure.
cleaning oxidation from gold or other precious metals

Is cleaning oxidation from gold or other precious metals something I can do at home?

Although qualitative precious metals will never actually start to rust, they can show some oxidation from exposure to air after a while. Oxidation will mostly show as a darker tarnish on top of your precious metals. Platinum will not oxidise. Cleaning the oxidation off your gold or silver jewellery is easy with these 6 steps:

  1. Cover a bowl with a layer of aluminium foil on the inside.

  2. Cover the bottom of the foil with a layer of salt or washing soda.

  3. Fill the bowl with boiling water.

  4. Gently place your oxidised piece of jewellery in the water.

  5. Let it soak for 10 minutes and then gently buff your piece of jewellery with a soft cloth.

  6. Repeat if necessary.

Pay attention with this cleaning method that your jewellery rest on top of the salt and are not buried in it. Small salt grains can get stuck in the more intricate parts of your jewellery design and are difficult to get out without damaging your jewellery. When in doubt, use washing soda which dissolves more easily in water than salt.
cleaning oxidation from gold or other precious metals
Diamond is known to be the hardest material in the world, but that does not mean it cannot get scratched. Protect your diamond ring from harm with these 6 tips:

  1. Do not wear your diamond ring during exercise or swimming.

  2. Store your ring safelt when you go to the beach: protect it from greasy sunscreens, coarse sand and oxidation from seawater.

  3. Remove your ring when cleaning.

  4. Store every piece of jewellery individually to prevent them from damaging each other.

  5. Store all your diamond jewellery in a satchel made of or a box lined with a soft fabric like the packaging it came in.

  6. Do not expose your jewellery to air to avoid oxidation.

  7. Store your jewellery somewhere dry and free of dust.

I trust cleaning my jewellery to a jeweller
Not all impurities or damage of your jecellery can be easily cleaned at home. Cleaning a diamond ring can be tricky. You’re best to send your jewellery for a professional cleaning once or twice a year. Professional cleaning makes a major difference in these 3 ways:

  1. Coarse materials like sand are difficult to remove from small gaps without specialised equipment. Trying it at home means risking damaging your jewellery even more.

  2. Small and shallow damage like scratches or indentations in your precious metal is easily polished out at the jewellers.

  3. Jewellers use professional and specialised cleaning supplies designed for cleaning precious metals and gemstones.

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