• Who is Elisa Schepens?
  • What is her organic collection based on?
  • When do I opt for designer jewellery by Elisa Schepens?

Elisa Schepens is one of the talented designers who combined a contemporary design with timeless diamonds, exclusively for BAUNAT’s designer collection. But this was no coincidence. How did Elisa Schepens end up at BAUNAT? What makes her collection timeless, yet modern? How can I buy her jewellery online?

Who is Elisa Schepens?

Elisa Schepens is an artist and all-round creative person, who decided to veer away from the well-trodden paths with the use of new techniques in her illustrations. It’s therefore no surprise she has won prizes on several occasions. She manages to give every illustration a natural and ethereal look with pencil, paint, pieces of dried plants and digital processing. She also used this organic and unusual inspiration for her participation with BAUNAT’s competition in 2009. This competition gave aspiring and professional designers the opportunity of winning their own collection and a price of €4000. Elisa came out on top.

She has been working on exclusive and natural jewellery designs at BAUNAT with her sister Helena since her victory.

What is her organic collection based on?

The inspiration for her jewellery certainly wasn’t a mere whim. Elisa became seriously ill a few years ago. Diagnosis? Fibromyalgia, or connective tissue rheumatism, resulting in painful inflammation of organs and tendons. But she managed to distil beauty from this illness. A near-death experience left a deep impression on her. She was enveloped in caressing warmth, comparable to that of the inner sun. This experience instantly gave her the inspiration she needed for the ‘Inner Beauty’ BAUNAT competition.

Elisa attracted a great deal of attention with her jewellery, which perfectly reflected in the sun with its breath-taking brilliance and warm curves. Helena turned this inspiration into the simple, but meaningful Solé collection.

When do I opt for designer jewellery by Elisa Schepens?

Elisa and Helena Schepens have successfully managed to give every precious metal a warm sparkle with their jewellery. You will quickly spot the common theme in each piece of jewellery when you go online to buy jewellery from the Solé collection. Each precious metal emphasises a different aspect of the irregular, but sleekly finished jewellery. Why buy Elisa Schepens’ jewellery online? Not just because the collection is exclusively available from BAUNAT, but mainly because the soft warmth and brilliant diamonds have a different meaning for everyone. When will you be adding your own personal meaning?

Where can I easily buy jewellery online? Which other collections suit my love for organic and natural shapes? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice.

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