Marriage proposals are brimming with traditions, but new trends often come to light. Getting down on one knee, asking the question and putting a sparkling diamond ring onto her finger isn't always the norm anymore. One of these new trends is to buy an engagement ring for both partners. But why and how should you choose couple engagement rings

  • Where does this trend come from?
  • Which engagement rings can be worn by both men and women?
  • What if he does not want to wear an engagement ring?

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Where Does The Trend of Engagement Rings For Both Partners Come from?

The trend of couple engagement rings came from the United Kingdom. Engagement rings for men, otherwise known as 'mengagement rings', have been popular for a while. Last year the frequency of the search term 'male engagement rings' increased by 66%. Many women are therefore also looking for tips for the perfect engagement ring. The popularity of the male engagement ring began its rise with the legalisation of same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom in 2014. And now the custom is becoming ever more common among heterosexual couples.
I have never understood why men don't wear engagement rings. It is the same commitment for both partners.
Buying an engagement ring for both partners does not replace the need for wedding rings. There is clearly a difference between engagement rings and wedding rings in terms of both symbolism and appearance.

Which Engagement Rings Can Be Worn By Both Partners?

Women tend to fall for the traditional charm of the solitaire engagement ring with a single diamond. They can also hardly say no to an engagement ring with two diamonds or even with three symbolic diamonds. But men also like to wear diamond rings. Nice ‘mengagement’ rings include the eternity ring encircled by colourless or black diamonds. This ring is the perfect choice as a couple engagement ring.

Another option is to go for a ring in the same precious metal and same colour precious stones to emphasise the bond between the couple. Men who are not yet 100% sure about taking this step can also choose a half set ring. Then they can choose whether to wear it with the stones facing upwards or to turn it around when they want a little less sparkle.
Not all men are ready for an engagement ring
Couple engagement rings also do not necessarily need to match. Do you each have your own ideas and points of view? Compromise by each choosing your own design but with a matching engraving in the engagement rings.

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What If He Does Not Want To Wear an Engagement Ring?

Engagement rings for both partners are a nice gesture, but not all men are ready for this. Equally, not all women can wear their ring all the time. Sometimes it is not permitted as part of your job for safety or hygiene reasons. Choose a different piece of jewellery as an alternative to an engagement ring if this is the case. For men, this could be a special watch.

An engagement bracelet is a popular alternative for women. Of course, you could also still buy a ring for both of you and wear it close to your heart on a necklace.

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Which Set of Engagement Rings Will You Buy?

Are you looking for matching couple engagement rings? Or would you like to give some other unique and completely handmade jewellery or accessories? View the range of rings from BAUNAT or consult our experts for advice about the perfect (engagement) ring for him and her.

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What Else Should I Know About Engagement Rings?

As a renowned diamond brand which specialises in diamond engagement rings, we feel that it is our moral duty to inform you about everything there is to know about engagement rings. In these blogs, you will find out about all these different aspects, from cultural rules to buying tips and alternatives. Read all about them now.

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