Who designs the BAUNAT jewellery collections?

The ‘BAUNAT Designer Jewellery’ collections are exclusively available on www.baunat.com.

For a number of decades now, Belgian designers have been recognized as world-class. With Brussels as the capital of Europe, different cultures mixing in a small country of an extremely rich heritage, Belgium is the perfect home for creative talent.
Devotees of luxury, fashion and design connoisseurs love to visit Antwerp and Brussels in order to discover new talent or keep up with established Belgian names.

Belgium’s fashion scene came under the spotlight in 1987 during the London Fashion Week thanks to the so-called Six of Antwerp. Six young designers were granted total freedom by the Antwerp Fashion Academy to redefine the given trends. The result was to be found on revolutionary catwalks and eternal fame for the six designers. One of them, Dries Van Noten, was declared the ‘International Designer of the Year’ in 2008. The imprint of the Antwerp Six’s creative spirit lights the path for today’s talented and successful Belgian creators.

The Antwerp duo Wouters & Hendrix were also showing at the 1987 London Fashion Week. As was the case with their local counterparts, their presence brought on international success and collaboration with many great fashion designers.
Wouters & Hendrix relate well to BAUNAT’s philosophy, and were highly enthused by the opportunity to design a high-quality diamond jewellery collection. You will find the results of this collaboration in the Nathu, Jafo, Ouverture and Medaillon d’Anvers BAUNAT designer collections.

As BAUNAT is based in Antwerp, centre of fashion, it was decided to work exclusively with Belgian designers, including Wouters & Hendrix, Anne Zellien, Elisa Schepens, Elke Peeters and others. BAUNAT has a close relationship with the Flanders Fashion Institute and stimulates young and established talent to share their thoughts and collaborate on future designer collections.

The ‘BAUNAT Designer Jewellery’ collections are exclusively available on www.baunat.com.

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Jewellery in the spotlight

  • 1.55 carat diamond halo earrings in white gold From USD 4.390 (excl. VAT)
  • 0.50 carat solitaire ring in white gold with princess diamond and side diamonds From USD 2.280 (excl. VAT)
  • 0.50 carat solitaire ring (half set) in yellow gold with side diamonds From USD 3.310 (excl. VAT)
  • 1.00 carat classic diamond earrings in white gold with six prongs From USD 670 (excl. VAT)
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