Your engagement is already planned in detail, and, of course, you plan on surprising your future spouse with a beautiful engagement ring. But where is the best place to buy an engagement ring in Belgium? And what is the price of engagement rings in Belgian cities, such as Antwerp? You can buy your engagement ring online or in an actual showroom.

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Where in Belgium is the best place to buy the engagement ring?

Until recently, everyone went to a physical jeweller to purchase an engagement ring. The advantage of a showroom is that you can hold the rings and get an idea of the size and weight of the ring and the diamond right away. However, the quality jewellery is now readily available online, and the price of buying an engagement ring online from a Belgian city such as Antwerp is often a lot cheaper. Sometimes, you save up to 30 to 50% compared to an offline purchase from a classic jewellery store.
Buy a beautiful engagement ring like this solitaire diamond at a fantastic price from Antwerp.
Buying an engagement ring online is super quick and easy. You can view BAUNAT’s online collection anywhere and ask for help via the online chat tool and get the best price for your engagement ring from Antwerp. Online, you can also easily compare models and collections.
the diamond city, where engagement rings come at a fantastic price!

Antwerp, the diamond city

Antwerp is the diamond capital of the world, and the various Antwerp jewellers are the best experts to assist you in choosing your diamond engagement ring. The Antwerp diamond district consists mainly of Rijfstraat, Hovenierstraat and Vestingsstraat. During a private appointment, a BAUNAT professional will help in your search for the perfect engagement ring. Plus, buying from the ‘diamond’ city, Antwerp, means that you are going to get the best price for your engagement ring! Visit our showroom to see the various possibilities in real life.

Discover your perfect engagement ring here BAUNAT

Find a gorgeous engagement ring at the right price in Antwerp – like this sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

Handmade in Belgium at BAUNAT

The BAUNAT diamond experts have years of experience in the sector and closely follow all trends in the wedding scene. They will be happy to help you find the engagement ring that fits your future fiancé/e perfectly. BAUNAT is an Antwerp-based company that has also established itself in several cities in Europe and Asia over the years. Buying an engagement ring from an Antwerp-based business means that you will receive a quality diamond at the best price.
BAUNAT jewellery is always handmade by our experienced jewellers. We only select high-quality precious metals such as yellow gold or white gold and certified diamonds to create the perfect engagement ring for you. You can also have an engagement ring made to order, where you have different choices in terms of precious metals and precious stones.

Would you like to know more about engagement rings in Belgium?

Are you still looking for inspiration for your perfect engagement ring? Not sold by the price of engagement rings in Antwerp? Be sure to check out the different types of engagement rings BAUNAT offers or read more about engagement rings in our other articles.

Frequently asked Questions

The different designs in BAUNAT’s engagement ring selection

At BAUNAT, our engagement ring selection has something for everybody.


1. Solitaire ring


Solitaire rings are the most popular choice for diamond engagement rings — for good reason. By putting a single diamond at the centre of a ring, it will be the centre of attention.

The most common setting for a solitaire ring is the classic six-prong. This setting has six prongs, also called claws, which hold the diamond firmly in place. By holding the diamond like this instead of setting it into the band, it has more room, meaning increased brilliance.

This traditional setting is not your only option for engagement rings; there are other possibilities for solitaire rings and even completely different ring designs as well, such as a pave setting


2. Solitaire with side diamonds

When there are small diamonds set on the ring band of a solitaire ring, it’s called ‘Solitaire with side diamonds’. The small diamonds on the ring band accentuate the brilliance of the central diamond. It enhances the sparkle of the large diamond and makes it look even larger.


3. Eternity ring

With an eternity ring, a series of small diamonds cover the entire surface of a piece of jewellery. The diamonds are set closely together so that no metal is seen, and only the diamonds are visible. This is truly breathtaking as all you can see are rows of shining diamonds with no spaces between them.


4. Trilogy ring


A trilogy ring is a ring set with three diamonds and stands for ‘the past, present and future’.

If you choose three diamonds, the best option is to have one central larger diamond to attract all the attention and let it be assisted by two smaller diamonds. If you prefer some colour, you can also choose a coloured gemstone or coloured diamond as a central diamond.


5. Toi et Moi

‘Toi et Moi’ means ‘You and Me’ in French and refers to a ring that has two diamonds. This design represents the intertwining of two souls and is, therefore, a popular choice for engagement rings. The two stones can also represent two hearts eternally joined, which is proof of an ‘unbreakable’ couple.

The closeness of both stones and the fact they’re of the same shape and size suggest balance and equity.

This style can also be set with one coloured gemstone or coloured diamond, in case you or your loved one prefers a hint of colour in your/their jewellery.


6. Halo

A halo diamond ring is a ring with smaller diamonds encircling the centre stone. The term ‘halo’ is used because the centre stone looks like it has a halo. The main benefit of the halo design is that it makes the central gemstone or diamond look larger.

While halo ring settings are typically set with diamonds as the centre stone, this isn't always the case. The central diamond can also be changed by a blue sapphire, green emerald, red ruby or other gemstones.

The gemstone can have a round cut, cushion cut, pear cut, or other shapes.

You can explore our full engagement ring selection on our website. If you would like to create a tailor-made design, don’t hesitate to contact our experts ( for more information.

Do a lot of people purchase diamond jewellery online?

The very first e-commerce websites for diamond jewellery were launched about ten years ago. Nowadays, there are a lot of diamond jewellery e-commerce businesses; altogether they form the fastest growing category in the sector. Blue Nile - the pioneer ( – alone generates around $ 300 million a year. Depending on the sources, the worldwide jewellery e-commerce sales reaches about 4 to 5 billion US dollar (on a total of 75-80 billion US dollar). E.g. in 2009 (economically a very difficult year) the sub segment jewellery e-commerce sales displayed a growth, and even a fairly more significant growth than other e-commerce industries, this due to the upwards movement in the diamond jewellery industry. This trend is also occurring in all the important consumer markets (Europe, Middle East, Japan, Russia, China, India and Brazil).

This trend has been confirmed the last couple of years, and all studies anticipate a further growth in the jewellery e-commerce industry, as opposed to classic (bricks and mortar) jewellers (such as CartierTiffany & CoBoucheronDe BeersVan Cleef & ArpelsChopardPiagetBulgari,…). It is vital to know that this trend persists in Europe, as several American websites (,...) also gravitate towards the European continent, furthermore numerous European diamond jewellery e-shop are being established.

At the moment, BAUNAT is the only online diamond jewellery brand, that well considered, offers all her diamond jewellery and collections (at her multilingual e-boutique without middlemen or retail points (with the exception of our showrooms).

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Can you buy an engagement ring without knowing the size? Tips on measuring for an engagement ring.

  • How can I secretly measure their ring size?
  • How do I go about measuring my loved one’s finger?
  • When is the best time to take their measurements?

Buying a diamond or gold engagement ring is a beautiful way of showing your love, but it is no mean feat. Even if you know which rings they love and have decided on a detailed design, you still need to figure out your loved one’s ring size. Can you buy an engagement ring without knowing the size? Unfortunately not, but there are ways you can measure their ring size without them noticing!

How can I secretly measure their ring size?

What if you would like to surprise your intended with a gold or diamond engagement ring? Can you buy one without knowing the size? How can you buy a diamond ring as an investment that fits them like a glove as well? There are various ways to find out their ring size in secret. The best way is to borrow a ring from their jewellery box that you are sure fits them perfectly (making sure that they wear it on the right finger!). Place it on a piece of paper and trace the inside of the ring with a pencil. Using a ruler, you can then measure the diameter. With this approach, there is a bit of a margin of error; it is often difficult to determine the widest point of the circle, as a ring is seldom perfectly round.

How do I go about measuring my loved one’s finger?

Do they know you are planning to buy them a new ring? This makes matters a lot easier and means you do not have to buy an engagement ring without knowing the size. You can measure their finger easily using BAUNAT’s free synthetic ring sizer or by downloading our paper version. This method results in a reliable measurement, and you will be sure you are using the correct measurement unit. If you are unsure about the accuracy of your measurements, you can always have the ring size measured professionally at BAUNAT.

You do not buy a gold or diamond ring every day. With a professional measurement, your ring will undoubtedly be the ideal size.

When is the best time to take their measurements?

We have established you cannot really buy an engagement ring without knowing the size. But when should you measure their finger? Which time of day is perfect for a professional measurement? It is best to measure the finger’s circumference in the evening. By the end of the day, their fingers will be warmer, resulting in a larger circumference than at other moments. The difference may not be visible to the naked eye, but it will make a difference regarding ring size.

Now you know that you cannot do it without knowing the size, how can you buy the perfect gold engagement ring for them? Which diamond ring will suit their style? Discover BAUNAT’s extensive collection or contact our diamond experts for a tailor-made jewel

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