Where do I find a unique engagement ring?

If you are looking for unique engagement ring, there are several ways to to achieve your target. BAUNAT guides you.

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How and where can I have an engagement ring tailor made?

Are you looking for a personalized engagement ring? Have it made by BAUNAT according to your own ideas.

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Buy engagement ring from jeweler

The benefits of buying your engagement ring from a jeweller

Buying your engagement ring from a jeweller? Here's what you need to know.

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Where can I find designer earrings?

How do I best combine design earrings? Which designs are popular? BAUNAT gives an overview.

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Where to find an engagement ring in Paris?

Paris is the world's luxury capital, so it is an excellent place to find an engagement ring. Visit our BAUNAT showroom in Paris.

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Vrouw draagt verlovingsring met solitaire diamant - BAUNAT

Why buy your engagement ring in Belgium?

Are you looking for an engagement ring? Our experts explain why you should buy it in Belgium. Discover our range of Belgian engagement rings.

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