• What’s the conclusion from our study?
  • What do women expect from the engagement ring?
  • Where and when do you propose?
  • What happens right after you proposed?

How easy would it be if you could get a look in your partner’s head before looking for an engagement ring? Women often have made up their mind regarding their wedding proposal, wedding and honeymoon long before they have met you: the man of their dreams. Fortunately, there have been different studies about the expectations of women regarding their wedding proposal. There are a lot of nice ideas to propose or would it be enough to buy a golden ring with brilliant cut diamond and get on one knee? Read this article and prepare yourself!

What’s the conclusion from our study?

The conclusion is pretty clear: women expect a wedding proposal after a relationship of 3 year and 4 months, with a ring of 2.000 Euros or more. And the expectations get even more specific than the cost of the engagement ring. For instance, half of the woman want a proposal that gives them tears of joy and a quarter of the women says they will say “no” if the proposal doesn’t meet their expectations. Talking about high demands! And we haven’t even talked about the diamond ring of their dreams.

What do woman expect from the engagement ring?

What is important when you are buying an engagement ring, according to 2.000 women? Most of the women want a white golden ring with an impressive diamond. The main characters of a brilliant cut are the great appeal and the intense sparkle. If you make sure that the rest of your proposal meets expectations, you will certainly score with your golden ring with brilliant cut diamond.

Where and when do you propose?

Before you bring out your golden ring with brilliant cut diamond, you have to be sure the setting is right. Women expect a wedding proposal with just the two of you. A romantic holiday could definitely be an option. Do you first need a drink for some extra courage? Keep in mind that women also have an opinion about this. In general they don’t want you the have more than one alcoholic beverage before proposing. Although they’ve been talking about a possible wedding, women want their proposal to be a complete surprise. 20% wants a flash mob, 10% wants you to sing a song and 7% wants to be proposed to with a poem. For most of the women going down on one knee is still an important part of the proposal. 

What happens right after you proposed?

You now know what golden ring with brilliant cut diamond you need to buy and how you should propose, but do you also know what happens after? 60% calls their mom right after the proposal, 16% calls their best friend and only a third of the women is okay with other people knowing about the proposal in advance. So, it seems best to keep quiet until you asked the question.

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