Who buys the jewellery? This is the new indicator for who wears the pants in a relationship. Traditionally men overload their beloved one with diamonds and/or precious stones, but the tide seems to be turning. Many women are tired of waiting and decide to purchase their dream jewel by themselves; for fun, for investment, to pamper themselves after a divorce or simply because it can. And they are right! Why wait when you are mediated enough to buy it yourself?

A recent study showed that more than half of the women now buy their diamond jewelrley by themselves. A global trend, it appears. These Just Becausers, as they are called, are successful career women aged 45 and older, with a disposable annual income of more than 90,000 Euros. Call it the new feminism. Where once women were marching in the streets with banners, today they are not afraid to show their independence by wearing an exclusive jewel, which they bought nota bene themselves. With diamonds you can make a statement; to show your ex that you're okay or to impress your (male) colleagues, all reasons are enough. And these confident women don’t only buy their diamond jewellery in traditional jeweler or online, they also go to auctions - typically a man's world - in search of the ultimate vintage jewel. Well spotted, diamond (jewellery) are still a very good investment.

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