Want to stand out with a statement necklace that is completely set with diamonds? You can do it, but you don't have to. Currently, a combination of different necklaces is also very on trend. Combine several thin necklaces and create a unique look. How should you combine necklaces? Everything revolves around finding the right balance: not too much, not too little. We are delighted to help you get started.  

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Combining necklaces with different lengths

Combining necklaces is done by wearing necklaces of different lengths – BAUNAT
Necklaces come in varying lengths ranging from 40 to 90 centimetres and more. If you wear more than two necklaces of the same length, your diamond pendants will unfortunately hardly be noticed. Therefore, mix different lengths, from short to medium long, for a playful look. Make sure it all looks natural. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Before buying new necklaces, you can stand in front of the mirror with some rope. Drape different rope lengths to view the combination possibilities. Afterwards, you will know exactly which chains to combine!

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Combining multiple colours of precious metals

Woman with multiple necklaces. Learn to combine gold necklaces with BAUNAT
Another fun way to combine necklaces is to play with different precious metals. Mix yellow gold with white gold, or go completely overboard by combining both yellow, white and red gold. Of course, platinum is also an option. It is usually recommended to wear white gold when the undertone of your skin colour is cool, yellow gold at a warm undertone.
Red gold jewellery suits any skin colour, hue and undertone
Do you want to be even more extravagant and colourful? Then add coloured diamonds or other colourful precious stones. Necklaces with a blue sapphire are a budget-friendly alternative to necklaces with a blue diamond. And both can serve as a true eye-catcher!

Combining different models

Classic jewellery is currently still very popular, but sleek, minimalist jewellery or statement necklaces are also very popular. It is certainly not a problem to combine different models. This creates an interesting and personal look. And you don't have to wear all your chains around your neck! Are you wearing a dress with an open back? A back necklace is original and stylish.

Combining minimalist necklaces

Minimalist necklaces, such as this necklace with a simple row of diamonds, are very easy to combine. These types of necklaces usually have little to no diamonds, allowing them to complement each other nicely. Try working with different lengths and wear a minimalist necklace with a stone below. Thus, you can easily wear two necklaces, or even more.
Pink gold statement necklace from BAUNAT

Combining an eye catcher

The easiest way to combine necklaces is to start with an absolute eye catcher. The statement necklace with diamonds is an absolute must-have. However, do not choose a statement necklace that is too large or too heavy if you want to combine stylish chains. Always supplement with some less striking necklaces. This creates a beautiful and balanced look.

Inspect this statement necklace from BAUNAT

Personalise your style

Are you inspired to combine necklaces yourself, but you don't quite find what you're looking for? Then have your necklace tailor-made. At BAUNAT, we have experts ready who can help you with this. Do you want to personalize the necklace even more? Then have it engraved with a motto, date or other meaningful text. Would you rather have your name engraved as a pendant instead of being engraved in the necklace? Then opt for a diamond name pendant from BAUNAT.

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Combining my outfit with the right necklaces

Woman combines a long gold necklace with a black top - BAUNAT
Try to take your outfit into account if you are going to combine your necklaces. Let's give you some tips:

  • If you choose a coarse knit jumper for example, it's nice to wear simple, minimalist necklaces. It creates a classic look with a jumper that is still quite casual.

  • If you wear something with a v-neck, such as a slightly deeper cut-out top, go for a Y-shaped necklace. Normally this necklace does not really stand out, but by combining it with a V-neck, it has its best impact. You can wear it with a choker or other elegant necklaces.

  • With a more professional look, such as a black top or dress, we recommend wearing long, gold necklaces. Choose delicate necklaces here that add an elegant and feminine touch to your simple outfit.

Woman wears BAUNAT necklace that combines beautifully with her white blouse
Would you like to use some colour in your necklaces? Keep your top simple. You can go for a white blouse or top with another neutral colour. Then you can combine colours to your heart's content and exude your style. Try combining old chains with new ones for a unique look.

A nice trick if your necklaces gets knotted together, you can easily take them apart by using talcum powder. This will loosen the knot, so you can easily take it apart. Store your necklaces separately in the box in which they came or hang them through a straw to make sure they don't get knotted together again.

Learn more about necklaces

We have shared all the tips and tricks to combine your necklaces. You can now continue your search for your perfect necklace. How do you actually choose it, and what should you pay attention to? We explain it in the articles below.
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