Fashion enthusiasts have discovered a new trend: stackable rings. These are dainty rings made of various precious metals, which can be worn on any finger and are often worn on top of each other (stacked, so to speak).

Following the popular chain layering (combining many necklaces of different lengths) or the arm parties (wearing as many different bracelets as possible), ring stacking perfectly highlights your beautiful hands. In addition, you can skilfully individualize each of your outfits through a variety of rings.

Combine eye-catching rings with simple outfits

Ring stacking thus means wearing different ring designs on one hand or on one finger. This ultimately results in an individual look that is unique to you and your personal style.
But how exactly does it work? Stackable rings are rings that match harmoniously, yet are still quite different. A combination of classic rings and so-called knuckle rings, for example. The more eye-catching your rings are, the simpler your outfit should be. This way, your outfit and accessories don’t clash with each other.

Design or classic - both are possible with ring stacking

Contrasting rings are never boring. Rings with a millegrain finish, for example, are a charming addition to elegant yet simple designs. Wider rings, with multiple precious stones, can be combined beautifully with more dainty rings. They can be stacked on top of each other on one finger or worn on different fingers at the same time.

Stackable rings on your little finger create an extraordinary look that will attract attention. Stacking rings on your thumb, on the other hand, creates a very modern look, as it is very fashion forward to emphasise your thumbs instead of your other fingers.

Never lose sight of your own sense of style

Discreet stackable rings add that little extra style without taking over your whole look - therefore, less is more! Especially in everyday life, extravagant ring can be a hindrance. That's why thin, dainty rings are perfect for stacking.

Trend or not, your accessories should reflect your sense of style and personality. Choose a ring which acts as the centrepiece for the other rings. This way you can elegantly convey your individuality.

Tip: Stackable rings have endless possibilities! Combine different shapes, precious metals, thicknesses etc. Be creative and most importantly, have fun with it!

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