Do you prefer wearing a classic gold ladies' necklace, one with a beautiful pendant or locket, a chunky choker or a longer opera necklace? A beautiful necklace really makes a woman's neck shine out. Wearing the right necklace testifies to impeccable taste and helps you make a fashion statement. At least if you buy the necklace with care, and adapt it to your personality, body features and style. Find out how a necklace can make a lady sparkle.

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Which ladies' necklace suits me best?

Before choosing a chain, it is important to check some things first. Naturally, you are going to sparkle most in a necklace which is completely your taste, but there are some other aspects which determine how a necklace will come into its own. In particular, your style of clothing and your neckline, your physique and the shape of your face are significant aspects.

Choosing a necklace based on my outfit

The first aspect to consider is your outfit, the neckline is certainly important. If you are getting married, it is therefore important to decide on your wedding dress before choosing a necklace. Perhaps, when choosing the wedding dress, suggest what kind of ladies' necklace you would like to wear.
BAUNAT ladies' necklace - Woman wearing a BAUNAT ladies' necklace with a V-neck. Find out how a necklace can make a lady sparkle
A necklace that "falls" in a V-shape goes best with a dress or blouse with a V-neck. This maintains the straight-line structure. If you went for a boat neck sweater or one with a high neck, it is best to match it with a somewhat longer gold chain. The impact of a necklace is wiped out if it is too short.

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On the other hand, are you set to get married or conquer the dancefloor in a strapless or off-the-shoulder number? Then a short necklace is the best option for you. Either way, make sure that your ladies' necklace does not fall below your neckline. This creates a splendid effect and a lovely balance between bare neck and the bust. A necklace which drapes over your back is also an option with an open-back dress.
BAUNAT necklace - Woman wearing a BAUNAT necklace

Choosing a necklace based on my body shape

If you are somewhat short in stature, then it is best to wear a shorter necklace. A longer chain emphasises your height. Only a shorter necklace will make short women look taller. You can also mix and match short and long necklaces for an extremely trendy look.
A yellow gold necklace suits ladies with a darker skin tone best, and a white gold necklace those with paler tones
Women with a larger bust sometimes have difficulty finding a suitable ladies' necklace. A necklace draws attention to the bust and some women want to avoid just that. The golden rule for a ladies' necklace on a voluptuous bosom? Choose a necklace that is not too short, but also certainly not too long. Either way, make sure that your ladies' necklace does not fall below your bosom.

Choosing a necklace based on my body contour

The rules for matching earrings with the contours of your face and hairstyle extend to necklaces, too. Preferably choose an "upside down" version of your face shape. Round shapes further enhance the curved contours of your face, while straight and angular shapes further accentuate the sharp lines in your face.
White gold designer ladies' necklace BAUNAT - Woman wearing a white gold designer ladies' necklace from BAUNAT
You can appear to extend the jawline on a round face by wearing a somewhat longer necklace. A rather narrow and angular face comes out best with a short ladies' necklace.

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What are the three types of ladies' necklace at BAUNAT?

At BAUNAT we distinguish between three different types of necklace, namely the classic necklace, pendants and lockets. You can find out the differences below.
White gold designer ladies' necklace BAUNAT - Woman wearing a white gold designer ladies' necklace from BAUNAT

Classic necklace

The classic ladies' necklace consists of a single strand as opposed to having a pendant or locket. Naturally there is a clasp at the back. You can find various designs in our collection. So, for example, there are necklaces with a bow, a heart or even a Toi et Moi design (two rings together). Or do you fancy a personalised name pendant?

The ladies' necklaces in the designer collections are certainly worth the effort. They have more elegant and playful designs and suit trendy women perfectly who are looking for something unique.

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The lower part of a pendant hangs quite literally from the chain. The pendant is not attached to the chain itself. A pendant is also perfect for experimenting with diamond shapes.

A pendant is perfect for various shapes and styles. Just think of the pear shape or halo style
By wearing a necklace with a pendant, you are choosing a piece of history. It is one of the oldest jewellery designs there is. In the past, people often wore their pendant on a string. Pendants were even known to the Ancient Egyptians.


Finally, we talk about lockets. This is similar to a pendant, with the difference that a locket opens up, where you can store very personal items of great emotional value.
BAUNAT ladies' necklace - Woman wearing BAUNAT ladies' necklace with rose gold locket
Have you kept a photo of your loved one, the cinema ticket from your first date or your first child's hospital bracelet? As well as being stylish, a locket is, for many people, jewellery with incredible emotional value. The locket also enjoys a rich history. It actually originates from amulets, objects that were once believed to afford protection to the wearer.

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Another advantage of a locket? There is room enough to decorate it with diamonds or other precious stones and really turn it into something personal. You could, for instance, also have your initials or a fingerprint engraved on it.
Possible lengths of women's necklaces - The different possible lengths of women's necklaces of BAUNAT

How long is a short or long necklace chain?

Our webshop always displays the length of the chain for any necklace. It is not always easy to imagine exactly how a 40, 45 or 60 cm long necklace will look on you. You can, of course, get to work with a string or tape measure, but this image will help you make a good guess.
We talk of a gold chain being short when it is 35 cm long. A long gold chain can measure more than 90 cm. Most women wear necklaces 50 to 60 cm long: the so-called matinee necklace. The shortest version (35 to 40 cm), which fits tightly around the neck, is called a choker. It looks particularly elegant and chic. The princess is slightly longer again (40-45 cm). Women usually wear really long gold necklaces, such as the opera (80-90 cm) and the rope (+90 cm), doubled round or in several layers.

Which diamond shape and style should I choose for a pendant?

Solitaire diamond pendant from BAUNAT - Solitaire diamond pendant from BAUNAT. Find out how a necklace can make a lady sparkle
The solitaire is probably the most famous style for most people, and of course a solitaire diamond is truly beautiful, but with a pendant there are so many more options.

  • A pendant with pear-shaped diamond: the elegant pear-shaped diamond is also called a teardrop diamond due to its distinctive shape. This shape exudes class, but it also works to your advantage. Your neck is accentuated beautifully, thanks to the length of the pear shape, and your neck will even appear to be longer.

  • A pendant with a solitaire diamond: with a solitaire brilliant you definitely draw all the attention to your neck. It is beautiful in its austereness but always exudes grandeur and class. Refined elegance and breathtaking sparkle: that's a brilliant in a nutshell. The round cut of the brilliant looks classic, but also timeless. A pendant with solitaire brilliant goes just as well with an evening dress as with a rugged T-shirt & skinny jeans combo.

A pendant with your loved one's birthstone is a classy and personal gift

  • A diamond pendant in the halo style: diamond pendants with a halo setting, a center diamond is surrounded by smaller ones. The brilliance from all the various stones creates the illusion of a single but impressive large diamond. A round brilliant is best suited for a halo setting. The effect is most obvious with this shape, but a princess cut or marquis shape are absolutely options, too.

  • A pendant with a coloured diamond: do you want your pendant to stand out really well? Then you could always go for a made to order pendant with coloured diamonds. A long necklace with a sparkling coloured diamond is the perfect accessory for any party or important event. If you wear the pendant over a little black dress, your black outfit will immediately get the necessary colour and some extra cachet.

On which occasions might I decide on a necklace as a present?

You don't need a reason to give a lady a necklace. On Mother's Day, give your mother a gold necklace or locket with a personal message. Her heart will melt, without a doubt.

A necklace is also an ideal present for a wedding anniversary. For example, choose a pendant with a stone matching the anniversary. If you have been married for 16 years, then a gold ladies' necklace with a center sapphire is an excellent present.
Other fitting occasions include her birthday, Christmas or giving birth to a child. Are you giving her a classic ladies' necklace or a pendant for her birthday? Then consider having one made using her birthstone. Diamond is the birthstone for April, emerald for May, rubies are suitable for someone's birthday in July, and the blue sapphire stands for the month of September.
BAUNAT necklace with yellow gold locket - Ladies' BAUNAT necklace with yellow gold locket
It can be lovely to give someone a personalised locket when a child is born, as a reminder of this happy event. Have the baby's name and date of birth engraved on it and give her a locket with great emotional value.

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Do you want help finding the perfect necklace for your beloved, your daughter or your mother? Then don't hesitate to ask for advice from jewellery experts at BAUNAT or to book an appointment at one of the showrooms.

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It is clear that a (gold) ladies' necklace is an indispensable piece in any woman's jewellery box. Moreover, there are so many different types and styles of necklaces and pendants that everyone will find one entirely to his or her taste. For example, do you know how best to wear a statement necklace, or how to mix and match several necklaces? You can read all about it in these blogs.
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