Giving gifts is a tradition as old as humankind itself. We delight in giving our loved ones a beautiful present, and jewellery simply has to be the best present of all. But what jewellery is right for each occasion? Take for example, a heart necklace for Valentine's Day, or how about an eternity ring for a wedding anniversary?

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Why is jewellery such a unique gift?

Not only is jewellery a great investment that you can give to someone close to your heart, jewellery also conveys a deeper significance. It bears witness to your love for one another and make an impactful statement.

What is the symbolism behind this unique gift?

Jewellery is the perfect symbolic gift as it is given at particular milestones in someone's life. Take, for example a graduation, engagement, wedding or even a birth; jewellery is given on all these occasions. There will always be a story behind the jewellery that is gifted.
Man geeft vrouw juwelen cadeau - BAUNAT
Whether you are looking for a present for a woman or a gift for a man: your gift's deeper meaning will always exceed the nominal value!

Do you consider the emotional value to be more important than the price tag? Have a gold bracelet engraved for your daughter, or have jewellery tailor made. One of the most symbolic bracelets is undoubtedly the gold bracelet worn by the Dutch Queen Maxima with five precious stones in various colours, one for each family member.

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Jewellery has powers of persuasion

Being high in value, diamond jewellery often has immense powers of persuasion. You're showing the person close to your heart that you want to invest in them. It shows you love someone deeply and will do anything for them.
An engagement ring on the finger, a gift with powers of persuasion - BAUNAT
Indisputably, the loveliest, and most symbolic, present a woman will receive in her life is the diamond engagement ring she receives upon being proposed to. The engagement ring may underscore the man's love for her, but its real purpose is to convince her to marry him.

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Jewellery uniquely expresses your love

Jewellery tells loving stories. For example, the round circle of your wedding ring represents your enduring love for one another. Besides, diamonds are indestructible. By giving diamond jewellery you are saying your relationship is equally indestructible.

Your jewellery doesn't have to be old to be associated with an exceptional story. The story of how the love blossomed between you and your partner; what can beat that? A diamond engagement ring symbolises the bond with your loved one like no other.
An eternity ring from the BAUNAT collection
Are you already engaged, or married even, and about to celebrate a wedding anniversary? If so, an eternity ring is a fantastic way to enshrine your enduring love for one another, with diamonds that are set all the way around the ring.

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But, it's not just the love between two partners that deserves jewellery. Your relationship with your mother, best friend or sister is wonderfully embodied by a Toi et Moi ring. The two precious stones could, for example, be your birth stones, for an extra personal touch.

When is jewellery an appropriate gift?

In days gone by, buying jewellery was more a past-time for the wealthy. They wore jewellery to show off their lineage and affluence. Similarly, for a long time, wearing jewellery was considered more of a feminine thing. Something that has changed drastically in recent decades. Men are equally delighted with a jewellery gift or a watch.
Diamond jewellery is no longer solely a woman's remit
Because buying diamond jewellery has become far more accessible to everyone nowadays, it's a fantastic gift to give on numerous occasions. Take for example, women's jewellery on Valentine's Day, at Christmas or on Mother's Day. Or, spoil your father with a watch on Father's Day. There is always something to choose from the extensive jewellery range, whatever your budget or relationship with the person whom the gift is intended for, By giving jewellery you are demonstrating your love for someone close to your heart, and that will most certainly be appreciated.

When should I start giving my partner jewellery?

You show you love your partner every day, of course. But Valentine's Day requires a special gift. Such as heart shaped diamond jewellery or a pink diamond for an extra touch of romance. Heart shaped earrings are a lovely gift too, one that will always fit the bill.

There is no greater show of your love than on your wedding day of course. In the presence of family and friends you slip a gold ring on each other's fingers as a symbol of your everlasting love. A diamond wedding ring is also a popular, stunning choice.
Woman wears a heart necklace that she received as a Valentine's gift - BAUNAT

Giving jewellery on Valentine's Day

Giving a woman jewellery on Valentine's Day is a fantastic way of showing your love for her. The jewellery doesn’t have to be over the top; simple and elegant will suffice. Take for example a necklace with a heartshaped pendant. Or, heart earrings will be perfect too.

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Man wearing cufflinks and a watch. A stunning engagement gift - BAUNAT

Engagement jewellery gifts

In line with most traditions, a man will gift a ring to the woman upon their engagement. But that's not to say women can't spoil their men too. For example, with a stunning watch or a pair of cufflinks.

Has your daughter got engaged? If so, you could give her a pair of diamond earrings to complement her bridal jewellery.

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Giving jewellery for a wedding

Naturally, the bride and groom will receive countless gifts on their wedding day, but jewellery can be a gorgeous addition with special meaning. Take for example a bracelet or sapphire necklace that she can wear with her other bridal jewellery, or a stunning tie pin for the groom.

Ideally, give your gift ahead of time, so she can wear it on the big day. You could also contribute towards the wedding rings with a gift voucher.
Man gives his partner a jewellery gift on their wedding anniversary - BAUNAT

Giving jewellery to celebrate a wedding anniversary

Following a wedding, each year there is a wedding anniversary to celebrate. How nice to receive a little something each year in line with anniversary tradition then. So, on your 25th anniversary you can give fabulous silver jewellery, and after 60 years, diamond jewellery.

A popular wedding anniversary gift nowadays is an eternity ring. Further confirmation of your eternal love for one another!

Giving jewellery to celebrate a birthday

Giving jewellery as a birthday gift is a great idea as the possibilities are seemingly endless. Take for example trendy stackable rings, or a set of bracelets. Simply match the jewellery to the recipient's style, to increase the likelihood of her wearing your jewellery gift day in, day out.

A watch for a man is an exceptionally classic gift. Does he set a lot of store in pure craftsmanship and expertise? If so, choose a mechanical watch. Or, would he prefer something more for everyday wear? If so, a quartz watch is the way to go.

Giving jewellery on Mother's Day or Father's Day

Mother's Day and Father's Day are the ideal occasion to show your love for your parents with diamond jewellery. But what to choose?
Mother and daughter. Diamond jewellery is a fantastic Mother's Day gift - BAUNAT
For Mother's Day we recommend a personal touch. Take, for example, an engraved bracelet or a Toi et Moi ring, set with your birthstones.

Delight your father with a stunning watch or a manlyring with black diamonds.

Giving jewellery for a Communion or Spring Festival

A Communion is the perfect occasion to give a pair of earrings. Indeed, most girls get their ears pierced around this time. Why not go for small gold cross earrings, to stick with the Communion theme. Doesn't she have pierced ears? You could always opt for a diamond bracelet, with perhaps a quote engraving. Or, a necklace for a Spring Festival, if she prefers that to a bracelet.
Satellite necklace as a Christmas gift - BAUNAT

Giving jewellery to family at Christmas or New Year

Jewellery is a sparkling gift to give at Christmas or New Year. The type and style of jewellery you buy will depend on the recipient, of course.

So, you could buy your niece a set of stackable rings to match her bracelet collection, for example. And for your grandmother it could be a necklace set with different diamonds, whereby each diamond represents a grandchild.

Take a closer look at this satellite necklace here

Jeweller at work, crafting the perfect jewellery to give as a gift - BAUNAT

Giving jewellery upon becoming a godmother or godfather

Your godchild will always be able to appreciate your jewellery keepsake, given as their godmother of godfather.

A necklace with a locket is a great idea. You could pop a photo of the child inside the locket. Or, you could have a bracelet or watch engraved with your godchild's date of birth.

Giving jewellery upon graduation

A ring is a perfect graduation gift. We have heard of the so-called ‘graduation ring’ or ‘class ring’, mainly from American films, but it is a genuine tradition. Usually, the graduation year is crafted into this ring, which is worn by both girls and boys.
The graduation ring is an American tradition that exists to this day

Personalise your gift

BAUNAT necklace with a diamond name pendant
Are you looking to give a truly unique, personal gift that tells more than words could ever say? Thrill your wife, daughter ...., for example, with a necklace with a diamond name pendant. The diamond symbolises eternal love and friendship. Where the precious stones form her name, you are tacitly expressing your undying love for her.

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Man has a woman try on a ring to find the perfect jewellery gift for her - BAUNAT

Design your own jewellery

Would you like something more personal? If so, have tailor made jewellery made, drawing on your unique emotions and ideas. Jewellery that tells its own complete story, how symbolic is that? Either have existing jewellery tweaked or make your own unique design. This would make for a fabulous wedding anniversary gift too

Have your jewellery tailor-made

Have your jewellery engraved

There's nothing so personal as having jewellery engraved. The possibilities when it comes to engraving men and women's jewellery are considerable. Think, for example, of a ring, bracelet or watch. Anything with a flat surface can be engraved.

Many people opt for a date, such as a date of birth or wedding date, but you could also add your own text, motto or quote. Just as long as it bears special significance to you or the person you are giving it to.

Giving jewellery set with her birthstone

Another option is to have a unique precious stone set into jewellery. Did you know, in fact, that each month is linked to a birthstone, to which holy properties are attributed?
A ruby halo ring - BAUNAT
Such as a ruby: a symbol of prosperity, abiding love, loyalty and commitment, as well as the birthstone for July.

Or, otherwise you could go for sapphire, of course. As the birthstone for September this precious stone guarantees a trouble-free life. Those with a sapphire will tread in the footsteps of many famous people who wore a sapphire ring. People such as Lady Di, later Kate Middleton, and Empress Joséphine of France.

Take a closer look at this stunning ruby ring here

Which new gift-giving traditions have we noticed?

One immediate striking fact is that we mainly give gifts at anticipated times. Many people have those dates they must remember, such as wedding anniversaries, clearly marked on the calendar. Wish lists are used a great deal, to avoid turning up with the 'wrong' present.

Yet during prosperous times we have observed a number of novel, altruistic gift-giving traditions appear. No doubt at some point you have also received a request via Facebook from someone whose birthday it is asking you to donate an amount to a non-profit organisation. In psychology, this is described as the 'helper's high'.

Another new gift-giving tradition that has wended its way across the Pond is a push present. The new father gives a gift to the woman who brought his child into the world as a token of his love for them both. So, it is actually a congratulatory gift for the mother after each childbirth.

How can I be confident I've made the right choice?

Nowadays, buying jewellery is open to all rather than to a select group. Anyone can buy jewellery, and at BAUNAT we endeavour to make diamond jewellery available to one and all. We do so by buying our diamonds directly at source, so circumventing many overhead costs and intermediaries. Meaning our diamonds can be bought online up to 30-50% cheaper.

Our jewellery is made in Antwerp exclusively by hand by skilled craftspeople. We only use premium precious metals and precious stones. With a five-star rating on Trustpilot and insured delivery, you can rest assured you're making the right purchase. BAUNAT guarantees an optimum price-quality ratio.

Are you nonetheless not entirely sure about your BAUNAT purchase? You have 30 days after the purchase date to return your purchase to us free of charge. You will either be given a refund or can select another item of jewellery.
Goldsmith working on a ring - BAUNAT

Determining the right size

To ensure you don't have to resize your jewellery later, it is important to determine the right size at the outset. This is certainly a must when it comes to rings and bracelets.

One quick way is to measure a ring or bracelet she already wears, or to take it to the jeweller to have it measured. Don't have anything to hand to measure? You could always use a ring sizer.

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Be guided by an expert

At BAUNAT we deem it paramount that you make the right choice. To help you with making your choice we have a team of experts on hand to assist you in your quest to find the right jewellery.

Why should you be guided by an expert? They can advise you on your jewellery size, the precious metal you can use as well as the styles to choose from. It is easy to make an appointment at one of the BAUNAT showrooms, or to chat online with one of our jewellers.

Why buy your unique gift at BAUNAT?

By choosing to buy your jewellery online at BAUNAT you benefit from many advantages. BAUNAT embodies certified quality at the best possible price. Fewer intermediaries and limited overheads mean we can offer you highly competitive diamond jewellery. After all, we invest in efficiency and in expertise.

With an extensive jewellery collection and jewellery designers who are Belgian born and bred, crafting by hand in the diamond capital Antwerp, we are the ultimate partner for all your diamond gift requirements. Only the very best precious metals are melted and processed into BAUNAT jewellery. Our Antwerp-based specialists respect traditions and boast the technical know-how in crafting top quality jewellery. Which is why we can offer you an extraordinary 20-year product guarantee.

When you place your BAUNAT jewellery gift order, we handle it with the utmost care and discretion. What can you expect once you have placed your order?

  • Free delivery of your insured gift
  • Delivery usually within 10 working days
  • Exclusive gift wrapping
  • Possibility to return the jewellery within 30 days
  • 20-year guarantee
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