Since the Middle Ages, man believed in the beneficial power and effect of precious stones. References to the special birthstones even appeared in the Bible. After all, some people believed that each month of the year was connected to a specific precious stone. In Exodus, the second book of the Bible, the birthstones also symbolises the 12 tribes of Israel. Whatever the case may be, in 1912 the stones were officially recorded by a jewellery association in the US. And to this day, it is still an extremely personal gesture to surprise your lover with her own meaningful and colourful precious stone.

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What are the 12 birthstones?

There are several ways to determine a birthstone. You can rely on the season in which your lover was born, her star sign or her birthday. We focus on the birthday, or rather the birth month. But before delving deeper into the meaning of each specific birthstone, we'd like to give you an overview per month:

  • January: garnet

  • February: amethyst

  • March: aquamarine

  • April: diamond

  • May: emerald

  • June: moonstone

  • July: ruby

  • August: peridot

  • September: sapphire

  • October: opal

  • November: citrine

  • December: topaz

What is the meaning of the birthstone?

Now that you know which birthstone belongs to which birth month, it's nice to know the story behind those stones and to know what characteristics are connected to it. Each birthstone has its own purpose and strength, for example happiness or good health. They used to be worn as protection against evil or diseases. Birthstone jewellery is therefore ideal as a lucky charm or amulet.

Regardless of whether you believe in their beneficial effect or not: giving birthstones as a gift is choosing a personal gift. And especially when you have the jewellery custom-made.

January birthstone: garnet

Close-up of garnet - Close-up of garnet, the birthstone for January. – BAUNAT
Your sweetheart has a birthday in January? That means you will have to look for the rare garnet. It symbolizes sincerity and fidelity. Other sources also describe the January birthstone as the stone that symbolizes peace. Moreover, it would bring wealth to its carrier. The scarlet garnet was apparently also hugely popular with knights and warriors. It’s the perfect stone to conquer her heart the chivalrous way.

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Have you already conquered her heart? Don't let that stop you from surprising her with a beautiful scarlet coloured jewel. After all, red is the colour of love. Buying a red birthstone is therefore also ideal as a gift for a wedding anniversary.

February birthstone: amethyst

Beautiful purple amethyst - Beautiful purple amethyst, the birthstone for February. - BAUNAT
The amethyst is characterised by its royal purple glow. It will therefore come as no surprise that royalty and religious prominent figures in particular, had a vested interest in this particular birthstone that supports piety and celibacy. Fortunately, that property doesn't affect the amethyst's suitability as a gift for your partner. It is claimed that Saint Valentine, patron of loved ones, wore a ring with an amethyst. The mineral allegedly imparts wisdom and serenity on its carrier. The amethyst is also alleged to be a cure for all kinds of ailments.
Not only Saint Valentine, but Leonardo da Vinci was also a fan of the amethyst. He wrote that the stone was a barrier to negative thoughts and improved intelligence. If a genius like da Vinci said that, who are we to contradict him?

March birthstone: aquamarine

Clear blue aquamarine - Clear blue aquamarine, the birthstone for March. - BAUNAT
Aquamarine is the birthstone of people born in March. It symbolizes patience and tolerance. A sparkling blue aquamarine would strengthen the relationship between couples. Because it also symbolizes hope and security, it was carried by sailors as an amulet to protect them against the dangers at sea. The clear blue colour of the birthstone is reminiscent of the sea, and now you also know what it owes its name to. The aquamarine also has a positive impact on the health of the wearer.

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April birthstone: diamond

Multiple raw diamonds - Multiple raw diamonds, the birthstone for April, available at BAUNAT
Those who were born in April have the diamond assigned as a birthstone, a symbol of eternal love and strength. Diamonds are still considered the king of precious stones. It is the most beautiful and hardest precious stone currently available on the market. Diamonds in a ring or necklace is said to exert a protective force. In any case, the diamond has been the most coveted precious stone for engagement rings for centuries.

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Those born in April are lucky, because the diamond is very helpful. First of all, the stone protects the owner from negative influences. These days, that is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. The Ancient Greeks called the stone 'adamas' which means indestructible. Thus, the gemstone personifies perfection and authority. It is said that the word diamond comes from adamas, but unfortunately there is no certainty about that.
The diamond is the birthstone of April, but also the ultimate stone with which to ask your loved one to marry you. The most beautiful symbol to promise your partner eternal and indestructible fidelity!
The diamond has always been the stone of April. From the 15th to the 20th century, however, the gemstone had to share its place with the sapphire, but in 1912 it was allocated to September.

May Birthstone: emerald

Closeup of birthstone for May - Closeup of birthstone for May, the green emerald. Available at BAUNAT
The health and happiness of 'May people' is assured by the emerald. It was previously believed that owners of an emerald could read the future. The birthstone of May also imparts wisdom and patience to its bearer. Choosing a birthstone bracelet or a birthstone ring with a beautiful green emerald is choosing an absolute eye-catcher that everyone will notice!
By the way, did you know that the emerald was Cleopatra's favourite gemstone? The Egyptians believed that the emerald could grant them eternal life. But other historical figures and celebrities also fell for the charm of the green emerald. Think of the emerald engagement ring that Jackie Bouvier received from her beloved President Kennedy.

June birthstone: moonstone

Four blue moonstones - Four blue moonstones, birthstone of June. - BAUNAT
Was your loved one born in June, and a dreamy type? Give her birthstone jewellery with a moonstone, also called the 'dream stone' in India. The tones of the moonstone range from a bluish shadow to a silvery sheen. Simply beautiful! The special gemstone strengthens the emotions and is said to also promote fertility. It is the stone of hope and is mainly worn by women. A necklace with a birthstone is also much loved as a Mother's Day gift.

July birthstone: ruby

Beautiful red rubies - Beautiful red rubies, the birthstone for July, available at BAUNAT
Born in July and looking for love? A ruby opens the heart of the owner. It's bright red colour symbolises passion and love. The wearer of jewellery with a ruby can count not only on love, but also on success in general. It will also impart courage and authority. By the way, did you know that rubies are even rarer than diamonds? So ideal if you want to score with an extremely unique jewel.

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Rubies are so much more than the birthstone of those who were born in July. It is a royal stone that occurs in numerous stories, legends and sagas. So, a precious stone that has been appealing to the imagination for centuries. Although the red ruby is usually less expensive than a diamond, an way less than a red diamond, it has already broken many price records at auctions.
Looking for the perfect gift for your 35th wedding anniversary? Go for a symbolic ruby
As there is a birthstone for every month, every wedding anniversary is also linked to a specific substance. Looking for the perfect gift for your wedding anniversary? Let yourself be seduced by the most beautiful jewellery and precious stones.

August birthstone: peridot

Close-up of peridot - Close-up of peridot, also called chrysolite and the birthstone of August. - BAUNAT
According to tradition, people born in August can fend off bad luck with an olive-green peridot or olivine, also known as 'chrysolite'. A birthstone bracelet or a birthstone ring with a peridot will also boost the confidence and assertiveness of the wearer. According to the Ancient Egyptians, it was the stone of the sun. According to some sources, the peridot is also said to slow down the ageing process. So the perfect birthday present.

September Birthstone: sapphire

The blue sapphire - The blue sapphire is the birthstone for September
The sapphire is a precious stone associated with courtly manners, morality, happiness and courage. Pour this birthstone to someone born in September to protect him or her from setbacks. In the past, it was claimed that when the sapphire is worn by someone who is dishonest, the beautiful dark blue stone will lose its luster. Whatever the case may be, it's a beautiful precious stone that is often chosen as a central precious stone for an engagement ring.

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Did you know that the sapphire is also known as the 'royal gemstone'? This can also be seen in the beautiful sapphire ring that graces the finger of British Kate Middleton. The ring originally belonged to Lady Di, but after her death it went to Prince William. And so he asked his beloved Kate to marry him. William is not the first royal to choose a sapphire for his marriage proposal. Napoleon Bonaparte also proposed to marry his Joséphine with one.

October birthstone: opal

Opal, the birthstone for October - Opal, the birthstone for October, in different shades. - BAUNAT
Anyone who sees the light of day in October, usually has a quiet, friendly and innocent character. Birthstone jewellery set with opals are the perfect option for them. Opal is quite abundant, but only a small amount is of gemstone quality. The birthstone, like diamonds, comes in all colours of the rainbow and boosts the wearer's self-esteem and zest for life. Your spontaneity and light-heartedness is also said to be boosted by wearing opal. Until 1967, the opal was called a semi-precious stone. Since then, that term is no longer used.

November birthstone: citrine

Yellow citrine - Yellow citrine as a birthstone for November - BAUNAT
Born in November? Citrine, a variety of quartz, will bring loads of vitality and concentration into your life. Citrine is yellow or orange-brown and imparts energy on its carrier. Because the sunny warm stone promotes zest for life, it is often given to someone who battles depression. In the past, the citrine was mainly used as a protector against snake venom. However, you do not encounter the stone so easily on the market. Do you like its yellow color? Then you will undoubtedly also fall for yellow diamonds.

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December birthstone: topaz

Topaz - Topaz, the birthstone for those who were born in December - BAUNAT
Those who were born in the festive month of December can experience the positive influence on the physical and mental strength of topaz. It is also said that topaz makes men more attractive and it makes women fertile. It seems like the ideal stone for those who want to work on expanding the family. Topaz also occurs in different colours, ranging from white to blue. Because especially blue topaz keeps the mind clear and improves concentration, it is also a great gift to a student. Even a male student.

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When do you give a birthstone?

Buying a birthstone is choosing a personal gift based on the birthday. But as you may have noticed, the unique features of the stones also lend themselves to other occasions such as Father's Day, Mother's Day, graduation gift, wedding anniversary gift, ... And of course, let's not forget the engagement. When buying an engagement ring set with her birthstone, whether in combination with white or coloured diamonds, you can choose from different models for the ring and different cuts for the stone.
An engagement ring with her birthstone? Every woman says 'yes' to that
Always take her personal style and taste into account and choose an engagement ring that you are sure she will like and will be happy to wear. However, if you do not find a suitable model to slide on her ring finger, we would like to design a tailor-made engagement ring.
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