• Which jewellery goes with which event?
  • Diamonds are always a safe choice.

Many women stand in front of the mirror and often ask themselves: “Too flashy for this occasion? Too sporty?” Looking at a well-filled jewellery box often makes selection difficult and the countless combination possibilities don’t exactly make selecting the ideal combination for a certain occasion easier. But no more! We’ll show you how to choose the right jewellery for every occasion and event.

Jewellery for a wedding

Being a wedding guest gives you the perfect opportunity to wear more flashy and glamorous pieces of jewellery as long as you don’t outshine the bride. For a monochrome outfit, we recommend jewellery that forms a clear contrast, e.g. a green emerald ring and matching earrings for a red dress. For a colourful dress, on the other hand, a calm contrast is more appropriate so that it is not too excessive; diamond jewellery with white or colourless diamonds would be the best choice here. The following generally applies: It is better to have less jewellery, setting contrasts and accents, than too much.

Jewellery at the office

Restraint is key at the office because as beautiful as a new diamond necklace may be, seems rather out of place together with a business suit, even though it is more than welcome to an evening invitation. Jewellery at the office shouldn’t be too conspicuous; it should specifically complement the outfit. For example, simple diamond studs or a white gold chain with a small diamond pendant, not too long, would make a beautiful contrast to a dark suit or dark skirt-white blouse combination, without appearing too garish or glamorous.

Jewellery for evening invitations

Here you can really go for it, and diamond jewellery is a clincher. In addition to the classic black evening dress, diamond earrings in a floating shape, such as a teardrop shape, are all the more beautiful when combined with an updo. A matching necklace and bracelet round off the outfit. And if it’s a more formal occasion, make sure that the style of the jewellery is coordinated to get a complete look. As opposed to this, clubbing and parties are occasions where everything goes here and those who like being the centre of attention can really layer it on.

Are you looking for the right diamond jewellery for every occasion? Get in touch! BAUNAT employees are looking forward to helping you with your selection without any obligation!

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