When you are planning to propose to your girlfriend with a beautiful solitaireengagement ring, the diamond choice is very important. Depending on her personality you choose a particular shape. If she has let on that she loves rounded diamonds, then the round brilliant diamond and the oval diamond are very good choices. They both sparkle the most beautiful out of all diamond shapes, so that will not determine the final decision. But what will? A lot depends on her personal taste but there is a lot more. 

What is the difference?

In general, both the round brilliant diamond and the oval diamond look very much alike but there are some distinct differences. An oval diamond of, for example, 1 carat is significantly bigger than a round copy of the same carat weight. Surely that is a vital element but you should know that the diamond size is not the most important thing. The brilliant diamond is better used as a center stone in, for example, a trilogyengagement ring in a halo setting. There is not only a difference between the round and the oval diamond, the oval copies can be very diverse as well. One stone can be rather round while the other can be oblong and thin.

What shape fits best?

The diamond shape you will eventually choose, is firstly dependent on the shape of her ring finger. An oval diamond is ideal for women with slightly bigger hands. The oblong shape of the diamond will make her fingers appear thinner. If your girlfriend has fine fingers, then the brilliant diamond is the best option. Of course, you do not have to take this into account. Her personal style can also be decisive in the choice of a diamond engagement ring, regardless of the shape of her finger. Both shapes are timeless and beautiful, although the traditional brilliant ring is still the most popular diamond shape. 

We at BAUNAT certainly can help you further with the search for a beautiful diamond (solitaire) engagement ring, whichever diamond shape is preferable. Make sure you take a look at our broad collection and do not hesitate to contact us. 

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