You realised you have not finished your Christmas shopping and you are running out of time? Do not worry, you are not the only one. It appears that a large percentage of the population buys their Christmas gifts, or at least finishes their Christmas shopping, on Christmas Eve. And every year, despite the best efforts we may make, we end up buying last-minute. Therefore, here are two easy and fun ideas to help you in your last-minute shopping.

  • Who shops last-minute and why?
  • 2 great gift ideas for last-minute Christmas shopping

Who shops last-minute and why?

According to the ICSC, the International Council of Shopping Centers, 20% of adults actually plan to finish their Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, with 9% planning to buy their presents either directly online or both online and in shops.

The survey conducted by the ICSC represented a demographic sample of 1,025 adults aged 18 years and up. With the particular demographics of last-minute shoppers being 34% millennials,

21% gen-x and 10% baby boomers.

The reason for this last-minute shopping rarely has anything to do with laziness, but rather with being a little perfectionist and wanting to find the perfect gifts. Some of us hope for better sales prices closer to Christmas, while others are waiting for a specific product to be back in stock. Then there may be the issue with budgets and waiting for particular Christmas-allocated funds to be in our bank accounts.

2 great gift ideas for last-minute Christmas shopping

Whatever the reason for your last-minute shopping, we have 2 great ideas that are fun and easy.

The first one is buying jewellery online directly. It is easy, it is fast and very convenient, especially when there are only a few days left. Not only are you certain to find your preferred piece of jewellery in stock online as availability is more abundant, but you can also browse through many different styles and designs at a click of a button. Furthermore, once you have chosen your gift, paying online is secure and shipping couriers are reliable, which makes buying jewellery online the perfect solution for your Christmas shopping.

The second idea is getting an online voucher, it may seem less personal to some, but it is a fantastic idea as it allows the receiver of the precious voucher to buy exactly what they want. Buying gifts for people is fun but buying that particular piece of jewellery they will love may not be easy. That is why a voucher is probably your best bet to ensure your loved one receives their favourite gift.

Curious to what your loved one might pick out? Would you rather join them in their search? Then make an appointment in one of our international showrooms or ask the diamond jewellery experts at BAUNAT for guidance through a channel of your choosing.

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