• Which choices and knowledge can I find online?
  • How safe is an online payment?
  • How quickly and safely will the jewellery be delivered?

There are various different benefits to buying jewellery online! Firstly, you can look, choose, compare and decide from the comfort of your own home. You will also have access to a much more extensive supply of top quality diamond jewellery at unbeatable prices. And the safety of your payment and the delivery of the jewellery will always be guaranteed.

TIP: discover the benefits of buying diamonds and diamond jewellery online in this 3 minute video.

Which choices and knowledge can I find online?

We already mentioned it in the introduction: you will have a much more extensive choice online compared to physical shops. This applies to electronics, travel and clothing and therefore also to jewellery. Buying jewellery online is certainly nothing new where the worldwide web is concerned. Top quality diamond jewellery has been sold across the virtual counter for years.

Additionally, the internet means you now have access to an infinite knowledge database, also when you want to find out more about diamonds. You therefore won’t be making any blind purchases, but will always be well-informed.

How safe is an online payment?

It goes without saying that a safe payment system is crucial. So when you want to buy jewellery online, it’s of the utmost importance that you can rely on the most modern payment techniques, such as the SSL encryption technique which encrypts the transaction details. Most online shops are equipped with this.

Plus you can rely on extra insurance when you pay by credit card. Any online transaction you have carried out with a credit card and which you subsequently want to dispute can be reclaimed via chargeback.

How quickly and safely will the jewellery be delivered?

Your safe online purchase experience naturally won’t end until you have taken receipt of your product. That’s why a good relationship between the online shop and the courier service is an absolute must. Buying jewellery online from BAUNAT means you can rely on a safe and insured shipment, which you can follow with a tracking number.

You will usually receive your item of jewellery within 8 working days. You will generally have to take a 4 week delivery into account for a tailor-made design. Please don’t hesitate to contact BAUNAT’s experts should you have any additional questions.

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