Someone near you has got engaged. You'd like to celebrate this by giving a gift, but what do you give? These days, most couples in love live together before marrying, or often even before they become engaged. They already have all the basics they need, so the classic gifts for an engagement of yesteryear are no longer necessary. But what gifts can you give to an engaged couple, or as an engaged couple? 

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What gifts are appropriate for an engaged couple?

Woman wearing combination rings. This is an attentive engagement gift for your daughter – BAUNAT
Ideally, you should be looking for a collective gift for both partners. Popular couples' gifts are experience gift vouchers or a photo shoot. You can also give them a gift voucher for jewellery. Regardless of whether the couple uses this gift voucher for the engagement rings, wedding rings or the bridal jewellery: your engagement present will be cherished for a long time. Whether you buy a gift for both the engagement and the wedding is of course entirely up to you.

If your child got engaged

When you are looking for a gift for your daughter's engagement, combination rings are a beautiful symbolic gift. One for her engagement, one for her wedding and later perhaps another for her first child. Just pay attention that the stacking rings don't look too much like her engagement ring, and that they are easy to combine.

A popular saying as to what the bridal couple needs for a marriage, states: "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue". Would you like to give a new jewellery item, with a blue sapphire? BAUNAT has a lovely collection of high-quality sapphires.

Don't forget to also think of the bridal jewellery she will wear that day. If you give her a pretty pair of earrings long enough in advance, she will be able to match the rest of her jewellery accordingly.

Order your jewellery custom-made

Bride with sapphire ring from BAUNAT

If it's someone very close to you

When your girlfriend or sister marries, it's a nice gesture to give diamond jewellery. You can choose between supplementing the bridal jewellery or a reminder of the engagement itself. For the latter, we advise you to have a necklace tailor-made with the date of the engagement. A tennis bracelet is a lovely piece of jewellery that she can wear every day after the engagement.

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When you give her the jewellery beforehand, the bride can wear it on the day itself
Would you rather give her bridal jewellery? You should consider exactly what she's planning. Her parents may already have given her jewellery on which she bases her style. It is then up to you to continue in that trend. With a pair of earrings or a beautiful bracelet, for example, you can give a lovely addition to the rest of the jewellery. The groom can also be treated. For instance, cufflinks or a tie pin.

Do you as a fiancée want to surprise your partner?

As a bride, you can also give your future spouse a gift: a gift that is personal and meaningful, a symbol of your lifelong commitment to each other. We would recommend looking for something in our classic range, and to add a personal touch. For instance, a gold watch with a stylish appearance and a special message engraved on the back. In addition to a watch, you can also opt for a pair of cufflinks that he may wear on his suit at the wedding.
Give your husband to be cufflinks or a tie pin that he can wear on his suit at the wedding

What can you give your guests at your wedding/engagement party?

Man wearing cufflinks. They are a lovely gesture as an engagement gift for a man- BAUNAT
As the bridal couple, you are the centre of attention on the big day. But your wedding is also a great opportunity to put a few people in the spotlight. These days, some newly-weds give a gift to the witnesses as a sign of gratitude. For the male witnesses, you can choose a lovely pair of cufflinks.
You will make the female witnesses and your bridesmaids very happy with a set of earrings or a pretty necklace. Maybe you can give them their jewellery before your wedding: then they can wear it on the day.

When are you starting your perfect jewellery quest?

If you start your search in good time, you are sure you will have your jewellery on time. Most BAUNAT jewellery is delivered within 10 days. For custom-made designs, it takes about four weeks.

If you are not convinced of the jewellery in question, you can return the jewellery within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund.

What can I expect from my BAUNAT gift?

You can buy your diamond jewellery online safely from BAUNAT. BAUNAT represents certified quality at the best possible price. Our diamond jewellery is of exceptional quality through years of expertise. We have fewer intermediaries and limited overheads meaning we can offer you our diamond jewellery at highly competitive prices.

Our extensive jewellery collection is sourced from Belgium, hand crafted in the diamond city of Antwerp. That's why we're the right partner for all your diamond gifts. Our Antwerp-based specialists respect our traditions and are skilled in all the technical know-how on crafting top quality jewellery. Which is why we can offer you a 20-year product guarantee.
A BAUNAT gift comes in beautiful gift packaging
When you place your Valentine's Day BAUNAT jewellery gift order, we handle it with the utmost care and discretion.  What can you expect once you have placed your order?

  • Free insured delivery of your gift
  • Delivery usually within 7 working days
  • Exclusive gift wrapping
  • 20-year guarantee

When else is jewellery a good gift?

You now know what to give someone who's engaged. Fortunately, there are many more opportunities to give someone a gift. Think of Christmas and New Year, for example, a lovely time to treat someone with diamond jewellery. We would love to give you advice and inspiration.
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