• Why propose to her on Christmas?
  • Which engagement ring do I choose?
  • How buy an engagement ring online?

Are you already looking forward to Christmas? Together with your family and friends, having a nice dinner and opening presents? Or are you planning a magical Christmas for your loved one this year? Christmas is not for nothing a popular time to propose. It’s not just extremely romantic, but also practical. Curious why?

Why propose to her on Christmas?

Lots of men choose to propose on Christmas. There are different reasons: easy date to remember, not needing to buy another Christmas present, the whole family is together, you both have a holiday… Plenty of reasons.

Or are you waiting for December 31? Why should you postpone it? Start planning already!

Which engagement ring do I choose?

Planning the proposal, starts with choosing the engagement ring. Get inspired online! Especially if you want to propose during the busy Christmas holidays. But how do you know which engagement ring suits your partner best? That’s the first thing you need to figure out before you order an engagement ring online.

We got an extensive collection of engagement rings and it’s handy to know some features you prefer. This way you can already filter the offer before you buy an engagement ring.

How buy an engagement ring online?

How easy could it be? You find the perfect engagement ring online and in a couple of mouse clicks or swipes he’s yours. When you’re buying an engagement ring online, you save a lot of time. Time you can use to plan other parts of your proposal. Have you thought about how you’re going to propose on Christmas? Use the magic of the moment and give it an original touch.

Are you scared that, because you bought the engagement ring online, the ring might not be her style? You get 30 days of reflection time. So, you can celebrate Christmas and New Year and send it back afterwards if the ring is not good, or contact BAUNAT to change the ring design. 

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