After finding a beautiful diamond engagement ring, it’s time to get on that one knee and propose to your loved one. A marriage proposal to show the sincere desire to open up about your love and devotion for her. How to propose, should match with how she is as a person and fit her taste. Is she rather a stay-at-home type, consider asking her at home in a cosy familiar vibe. But does she like a bit of attention, go for a marriage proposal in public. Many men can use a little help. So here are some ideas to put that beautiful ring with a brilliant on her finger in a fun and romantic way:

Public marriage proposals

Choose a place that you like as a couple and ask a random person to take a photo of you two. But instead of striking a pose, you kneel and ask her to marry you. "Will you marry me?” Her answer will undoubtedly be ' Yes! '. Do you have multiple places with a special meaning? Organize a treasure hunt that leads her along your romantic places. Wait patiently at the final destination, with a diamond ring in your hand. Is your loved one a music lover, then hire a band, and do your marriage proposal in a fun setting, with her favorite song in the background. Success assured!

Wedding proposals at home

Wedding proposals at home can be very romantic. Decorate a room with the most beautiful memories of your relationship. Hang the walls full of nice pictures of the two of you and add candles, lots of candles! Ask her to come and watch, and there you are, nicely dressed and totally ready to ask her in marriage. Do you like good food and a cozy dinner, than prepare her favorite dish (es). Or why not hire a chef? Only the best is good enough. Save the engagement ring for last, with a dessert or pousse-café. It doesn’t get any more romantic then this.

Unique wedding proposals

There are hundreds of out of the box ideas that will surely end up in a ' Yes! '. The geeks among you can develop a Webpage. An online marriage proposal, it can’t get any more original. It is also a great souvenir. Afterwards you can share the link with friends and family to announce the big news. But you can also share everything live on social media. Romantic souls can reenact a scene from one of her favorite movies. Ask her in marriage like Adam Sandler in ' The Wedding Singer '. You can also fool her by ordering a ring sizer and ask her to try it on to get to know her size for the engagement ring. The moment she says that it’s all little romantic, you surprise her with your already purchased diamond ring.

Seasonal wedding proposals

Using one of the seasons in your marriage proposal can be quite original. Rake in the autumn the leaves in your garden and ' write ': ' Marry me? '. Every year when the first leaves start to fall, she will think of your marriage proposal. In the winter make a nice snowman, call her to come and take a look and ask her to marry you while it gently starts to snow. It may be cold, but she will burn with desire. Or organize a nice picnic in the spring, in a flower field or by the water, and hide the ring in the basket. Go on your knee as soon as she finds the ring. In the summer is a deserted beach always a nice idea. "Will you marry me?” with a sea breeze that runs gently through your hair. Pure romance!

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