• When do I buy her engagement ring?
  • How do I wrap up the engagement ring to surprise her?
  • How do I propose romantically and originally on Christmas?


Are you planning on asking her the big question? But you don’t have a lot of inspiration for proposals? Why not profit from the holidays? No better moment to celebrate your engagement than during the upcoming holidays. Before you buy an engagement ring, we would like to give you some tips on how to plan your proposal and give it an original touch.


When do I buy her engagement ring?

If you want to propose on Christmas, it’s best to buy your engagement ring right now. The Christmas period is a busy period, also for jewellers. Give yourself some comfort by choosing the perfect engagement from an extensive collection online and having it delivered at home within 8 days.

Do you find it difficult to hide your ring at home until Christmas? We will keep it in our safe until a few days before your proposal. This way you will get your ring in time and she can’t find it.

How do I wrap up the engagement ring to surprise her?

Buying the engagement ring is only one part of the proposal. Have you thought about how you’re going to wrap up and pop out the ring? A nice idea would be to combine it with another Christmas present. You can buy a beautiful pair of gloves and put the ring in the ring finger of the left glove. Success guaranteed, and also very unexpected and original! Buying and packing an engagement ring in the gift box in which it’s delivered probably betrays your intentions a little faster.

How do I propose romantically and originally on Christmas?

Use the mood of the moment. Are you a true romantic? Use a mistletoe, like they do in movies. This tradition says that if you stand under the mistletoe together, you have to kiss. You can also slide the engagement ring around the mistletoe and keep it above her head at the right moment. Romance everywhere!

Make sure that there’s good lighting. Candles and sparkling lights belong to Christmas and will also ensure that the diamonds in her engagement ring shine extra bright.

Are your ready to start planning your proposal on Christmas? You can buy her engagement ring online or get a design that’s tailor made. If you want a tailor-made ring, keep in mind that the delivery time is about 4 weeks. Contact the experts from BAUNAT for more information.

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