It's Father's Day. Time to spoil your father because he means so much to you. And it's not just up to the kids to give him gifts. What do you give your partner on Father's Day to thank him for his good care?  

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The meaning of Father's Day

Just like celebrating Mother's Day, Father's Day too is a tradition that we owe to a proud American daughter. Sonora Smart Dodd came from a large family. However, her mother died giving birth to the 6th child. Sonora felt that the perseverance and strength of her single father, compared to the then recently introduced Mother's Day, deserved to be emphasised. So, she approached the minister with her idea.
Although the first Father's Day was celebrated on 19 June 1910, the holiday was only officially recognised by President Nixon in 1972
A man gets a Father's Day gift from a child. Choose an original Father's Day gift from jeweller BAUNAT
Since then, Father's Day is celebrated annually on the 3rd Sunday of June. In Belgium, however, you are a week late with your Father's Day gift. With us, the 2nd Sunday of June is the day we pamper our fathers. In most cities anyway...
Belgium may be a small country, yet not all Belgians celebrate Father's Day on the same day. In Antwerp, men expect their Father's Day present on 19 March, the holiday of Saint Joseph, the godfather of Jesus. Remember the children's godfather and godmother on that day too. In Germany, you can already drop your Father's Day gift off on Ascension Day. That's the day Jesus returned to his Father in heaven.

Not only religious holidays are symbolically bombed into Father's Day. In Denmark, for example, one celebrates fathers on 5 June, the Day of the Constitution. In Thailand, Father's Day falls on 5 December, the king's birthday.

Giving a timeless gift for Father's Day

Just as many men are at a loss as to the perfect gift for her, many women are at a loss as to the ideal gift for him. Therefore, choose an original Father's Day gift this year and give him a magnificent watch or jewellery.
If you buy diamond jewellery for Mother's Day, why don't you do the same for Father's Day?
The time men didn't want to wear diamonds is really a thing of the past. Maybe you should get used to the idea, but diamonds can make a perfect gift for Father's Day. There are plenty of typical male jewellery.

Give a watch to keep track of the beautiful moments

A BAUNAT watch is an ideal gift for Father's Day
When you look at the collection of men's watches, you'll get the answer to the above question at a single glance: a watch is an accessory that breathes style and class. Sooner or later, every man deserves his own stunning watch. It is the ultimate 'smart gift', an investment that can be passed on from generation to generation. Within the range of top-quality luxury watches, you have a choice between quartz and mechanical.

Have a close look at this watch

Jura Glacier watch as a Father's Day gift – BAUNAT

What you should pay attention to when buying a watch

Assembling a watch is an incredible precision work and not everyone has the skill set for that. It is generally known that the Swiss are blessed with the knowledge and skills of watch making. The Swiss collection is finished with glass at the back, giving you insight into that technological and micromechanical mastery. However, the Italian collection, also perfect for daily use, need not take a step back for those of its northern neighbours.

It is especially important that the most suitable and durable material is used for each individual part of the watch. Ranging from the type of glass to the watch band. Only thus will you buy a gift for him that will pass the test of time.

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Buy a ring for your father with an engraved message

As mentioned above, men are no longer reluctant to wear jewellery. Yet not every father sees himself walking with a diamond bracelet around the wrist or a necklace around the neck. Some prefer to keep it discreet. Then a ring is an ideal Father's Day gift. They add a stylish touch to every business or casual outfit.

When a man wears a ring on his middle finger, it can also have a special significance. As it’s located at the centre of the hand, it is said to signify responsibility and balance, making it perfect for a father!
Men's rings are subtle but also very classy and rugged
A black ring by BAUNAT is a rugged gift for Father's Day
To really be original, buy a men's ring with a black diamond. Stylish and prestigious, just like him.Black diamonds don't sparkle like colourless or other coloured diamonds. Instead of reflecting the light, they absorb the light.

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Do you also think a diamond ring is a fantastic Father's Day gift? Then you only have to decide on the precious metal in which the jewellery item will be manufactured. We would opt for white gold ourselves. If you are looking for a more sustainable alternative and are willing to pay a little more for it, platinum is definitely a good choice.

Consider the personality of the man too: is he sensitive and creative, or more business-like and tough? For every father, there is a beautiful ring.
Set in a beautiful white gold or platinum ring band, black diamonds look very tough and masculine
To make the ring extra special and personal, you can also have it engraved. Leave a sweet message or a quote that you both attach great importance to. So, he will always think of you when wearing the ring.

Other jewellery that will make him happy

Men can therefore also feel free to wear classic jewellery. Rings, necklaces or bracelets, it's all possible. Does your father or partner have a piercing in his ear or in both ears? Have a pair of custom earrings made to find the perfect earring as a gift for Father's Day.

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Man with BAUNAT cufflinks and watch
And what about a pair of diamond cufflinks? You can also consider mysterious black diamonds for the cufflinks. But you might as well go for a pair with mother-of-pearl.

Personalise your gift

No other gift conveys your love better than personalised jewellery. You can personalise it in different ways. You can have text engraved  on the back of a watch or the inside of a ring. You could also opt for jewellery set with your father's birth stone. Naturally, you can have jewellery crafted that is entirely custom-made.

What can I expect from my BAUNAT gift?

At BAUNAT we always guarantee the best price and quality of our diamonds. Because they are purchased directly from the source, we eliminate unnecessary intermediaries and overhead costs. As a result, the price of diamonds is 30 to 50% lower.

Our Antwerp craftsmen also ensure that your jewellery is manufactured according to our traditional methods and with the best precious metals. Only thus can BAUNAT offer you a 20-year warranty on your diamond jewellery.

What can you expect from your gift? BAUNAT offers the following guarantees:

  • Free insured delivery of your gift
  • Delivery usually within 7 working days
  • Exclusive gift wrapping
  • 20 year guarantee

Are you looking for the perfect way to express your affection for your father or partner? But can't find the right words? Then say it with jewellery from BAUNAT, also through our special Father's Day promotion. Please don't hesitate in contacting our experts for further advice.

On which other days do I buy jewellery for my husband or father?

It is now quite clear: jewellery makes an original Father's Day gift. But you really don't have to wait until Father's Day to give him a beautiful and masculine piece of jewellery. There are several other occasions. Or were you looking for a gift for Mother's Day? Browse the pages in this list for more inspiration.
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