You don´t have to buy a statement necklace fully set with diamonds to stand out. Currently it is rather the opposite tendency. Combine different fine necklaces with a diamond pendant and create a unique look every time. It is all about finding the right balance: not too much, not too less. This might sound easy, but it isn´t. We are happy to help you:

Choose one eye catcher

Wear one eye catcher and add some less prominent necklaces. This way you create a beautiful and balanced look. Therefore it is better to buy a more expensive necklace, instead of investing in several cheap(er) models. This eye catcher can be worn again and again together with every look

Play with lengths

Does each necklace has the same length, the different diamond pendants do not really stand out. It looks like you are wearing only one pendant. Moreover, the whole looks pretty boring. Therefore mix different lengths for a playful look. Make sure that it looks careless. It does not have to be perfect.

Mix precious metals

It is also nice to wear different precious metals combined with each other. Mix yellow- with white gold, or go nuts by combining both yellow-, white as well as red gold. Of course, platinum would also be an option. Want things more extravagant and colorful, add some colored diamonds and/or gemstones.

Different styles

Vintage jewellery are still very popular, but also sleek, minimalist jewellery are very popular. If you cannot choose between different models when buying a diamond necklace, it is no problem to combine different styles. This way you create an interesting and personal look.

Are you planning to buy a nice necklace with a diamond pendant, please take a look at our extensive collection.

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