Jewellery is just as important an accessory as any other in a woman’s business attire, as important as her shoes and her handbag. It has to reflect her personality, be stylish and at the same time not over the top. Here’s a few timeless pieces that every woman should wear when leaving to work.

  • Beautiful necklace
  • Timeless watch
  • Bold earrings

Beautiful necklace

A necklace or pendant to ornate any décolleté is a must have, whether you like bolder necklaces that make a statement or discreet but beautiful long necklaces to add a bit of colour and sparkle.

Necklaces that are bold and obvious can be very modern and show that you are confident with your style and in your workplace. We would of course recommend not going over the top and too bulky, as it is a place to work and not a fashion show, but statement necklaces and pendants are really a must have.

If you are rather the more subtle and chique type of business woman, then long necklaces, called sautoirs, are perfect for you. Sautoirs offer this lighter, more romantic and stylish look than shorter necklaces. They can easily be worn with tailored suits or elegant shirts. They offer discretion while adding that little extra shine to an outfit.

Timeless watch

Because we can always easily check the time and date through our cellphones, most of us reckon a watch is not as needed anymore as it used to a few years back. But owning a watch, a proper timeless watch, does show a certain business image. And that applies to both men and women.

A watch that leaves a great impression for its sleek and elegant finish will always be the best option. For some reason a watch shows that the wearer pays attention to detail, to time and schedule which in an office environment is of course very important. Although watches were considered for a very longtime a typical accessory for men, there is an increasing number of women who purchase watches, so why not you?

Bold earrings

If you love statement necklaces then we would recommend diamond studs or small earrings to complement your business outfit.

But if you prefer earrings to necklaces, then why not choose bold earrings that really illuminate your face and outfit? Although it is not really recommended to wear long dangly earrings at work, because they are just not as practical and can be distracting, you can wear larger earrings that are quite steady for example.

Colour is welcome, if it complements the colour of your outfit or accessories, otherwise white gold or platinum are the most stylish options.

Earrings are a must have as they directly ornate your face and are usually noticed right away.

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