Buying an engagement ring online can save you a lot of money. Online stores are an integral part of our daily lives. Indeed, we use the Internet to buy clothes, travel or books, but we can also purchase diamond jewellery such as engagement rings.

With Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, you can discover talented designers and beautiful engagement rings from around the world. Remember, you can see the jewellery in one of its numerous showrooms: Antwerp, Geneva, Paris etc. In this article, we share some tips to make buying an engagement online easy.


Find Out More About Buying an Engagement Ring Online

When it comes to buying something as important, expensive and special as an engagement ring, it's important to be cautious. BAUNAT is an amazing online jewellery store. Click here to discover some valuable tips for ordering a personalised solitaire.

Terms and conditions are often long, boring and full of jargon, but it’s crucial to read them before purchasing any jewellery from a website, especially if it’s a personalised engagement ring. Make sure you are up to date with design stages, the origin of the diamonds, or the withdrawal period.

Ask to See a Video of the Ring for a Realistic Purchase

Videos are better than photographs to judge the scale of a ring. These videos show how an engagement ring looks on a hand, to see if it’s too high or too flat. Many professional jewellery websites include a video with the photos of the ring, making it easy to access. Otherwise, they may have videos to send to you if you request them.

How to Check the Reliability of the Website

Also, make sure you pay using a secure website. Look for the closed padlock symbol in the corner of your browser window, and check that the web site address starts with "https: //" (the ‘s’ in ‘https’ means it is a secure page).

Online sales in the luxury sector are booming. Smartphones, jewellery, watches –– everything can now be bought online. We hope you’ll find these how-to tips useful when you buy an engagement ring online
Read our article on where to buy an engagement ring from BAUNAT; whether online or in its showrooms, BAUNAT promises you the best possible service.

If you want to buy your engagement ring online, contact BAUNAT experts and we will give you the best advice for choosing your ring.
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