What’s the first thing you notice when you look at the collection of diamond rings or other diamond jewellery? Probably the sparkle, no? A pure diamond reflects the light in such a way that you and your jewellery are literally in the spotlight. But how does this clarity have an influence on the price of the diamond?  

How to recognize the clarity of a diamond?

Overall, it’s difficult to determine the clarity grade of a diamond with the naked eye. It’s often about small inclusions that you can compare with birthmarks in the stone, but which to not detract from the brilliance. To be sure of the clarity and a correct price for the diamond you buy, you can look at what’s stated on the certificate.

You can see the certificate as the identity and proof of quality of your diamond. A lot of abbreviations are used here, which we would like to explain further.

What do the abbreviations on the certificate mean?

A flawless diamond gets the abbreviation IF, which stands for ‘Internally Flawless’. These are very rare which you will also notice on the price of the diamond. For the best price-quality, choose a diamond with clarity VS2 (Very Small Inclusions) where you do not notice birthmarks with the naked eye or SI1 (Small Inclusions) where you can slightly notice the inclusions.

Of course, the quality of the cut also has an influence on the price. Even more; during the cutting process, the final look and so the sparkle of the diamond are determined. They rate the cut quality from ‘poor’ to ‘excellent’.

Who determines the quality of the diamond?

The price of a diamond is not only determined by the clarity. On your certificate, you will find information about the 4C’s of the diamond. These 4 elements are examined in approved laboratories, such as GIA, before they are offered for sale. Do you want quality at the best price? Then let yourself be guided by experts.

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