• What type of jewellery should I buy?
  • How should I wear accessories as a man?

Buying stylish diamond jewellery is a good idea for both men and women. The supply of jewellery for men has increased enormously over the last few years. Which jewellery will you choose? What kind of diamonds should I choose? Discover how men can wear stylish accessories and how you can make the right choice.

What type of jewellery should I buy?

Which accessories should I choose? The most important rule is that you only buy diamond jewellery which you feel comfortable with. Do you often wear accessories? Do you pay attention to trends? Then a modern piece of jewellery which suits your style will be a fantastic addition. Is it trendy, but not your style? Then leave it. Do you like combining trendy or classic jewellery with accessories like a nice hat or timeless shoes? Then make sure your choices complement all your outfits and don’t suppress them.

Do you like a discrete diamond accent? Then you could easily spruce up a typically male accessory, such as a tie pin, with a subtle but beautiful stone.

How do I wear accessories as a man?

  1. How do I choose accessories for the right occasion?

As is the case with the rest of your wardrobe, you will also choose your accessories based on the occasion. Are you attending a formal gala? Then you’re not going to be wearing striking trainers and jeans. The same applies to striking or sporty jewellery too. But that gala could undoubtedly use a stylish tie pin or timeless diamond cufflinks. This will allow you to lift your outfit up to a higher plane and perfectly respond to the atmosphere.

Are you attending a more informal gathering, but you’d still like to look your best? Then opt for natural materials. A wide leather bracelet or a sleek platinum item can add a great deal to a basic outfit.

  1. How can I wear meaningful accessories?

Heirlooms are valuable to you too. If you inherit something from a male relative, you can definitely wear this instead of leaving it in the safe. An antique pocket watch can finish off your outfit for any occasion and a tie pin can suit any occasion too. Plus you don’t need to wait for that heirloom, as you can introduce one yourself too. Buying diamond jewellery doesn’t just need to be a nice gesture for the current generation. You can simply pass it on to the next generation in the future.

How can I wear accessories as a man? Ask BAUNAT’s jewellery experts for advice for a stylish addition to your outfit.

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