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Have you bought the wrong engagement ring? 1 in 3 women reject the proposal!

A proposal is one of the most important moments in your life. In addition to picking the perfect location and moment that meets her expectations, choosing the right ring is also a crucial element in a successful proposal.  

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After all, according to a survey by an English insurance company, almost 15% of all married women are unsatisfied or unhappy with their own engagement ring. One in three women would even consider rejecting a marriage proposal if they did not like the engagement ring. Reason enough to pay careful attention when purchasing her engagement ring.

But what should be taken into account when choosing an engagement ring? Here is our advice for a perfect engagement ring and, consequently, a successful proposal:

  1. Choosing the engagement ring together. Surely it is not the most romantic alternative, but it is very safe, especially if you are unfamiliar with the taste of your future fiancée. Women often have very specific ideas about what their ideal engagement ring should look like. Thus, sacrificing surprise in favour of the perfect ring is often a very wise decision in the long term.
  2. Do not take half-measures. In the past, men spent on average 3 net salaries on an engagement ring, easily reaching a 4-digit number. Although the ring of your choice doesn’t have to have the value of a small car, the engagement ring should definitely stand out from other jewellery pieces. It is not about being pretentious, but about a unique symbol for you lifelong commitment. In other words, an investment in your relationship! A diamond ring is always a good choice - no other gem compares to the noble beauty of a diamond.
  3. The engagement ring is meant to be worn every day and should therefore suit any outfit, whether it is an elegant evening dress, workwear or a casual ensemble. A classic, not overly complicated design is the safest choice, unless your beloved generally prefers a more luxurious look. With a beautiful solitaire ring, however, nothing can go wrong.
  4. As mentioned before, the engagement ring should definitely catch the eye, instead of blending in with the other rings on her hand. Browse through her jewellery box to get an idea of her specific taste and style.

Most importantly: for a successful proposal, the ring should fit perfectly. The correct size can be discovered discreetly by measuring a ring she already has, worn around the ring finger. BAUNAT provides a free ring sizer as well as a specially developed app. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the BAUNAT team by phone, chat or e-mail.

Author: Florian Weber
Source: BAUNAT


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