Every woman loves to buy diamonds, but also to receive them as a gift. Most of you certainly have a well-stocked jewellery box. But do you wear all of your jewellery? Perhaps it is time to take a close look at your jewellery collection, to reorganize and update if necessary. You could revitalize jewellery you no longer wear by combining them differently. Buying new diamond jewellery will also help you to refresh your current collection. Your old and new jewellery can be worn together perfectly. Below we gladly offer you some tips when updating your jewellery collection:  

Clean up

Before updating your jewellery collection you better firstly clean up your jewellery box. This way you will get a good overview of your existing collection. There certainly must be a pair of diamond earrings or a nice bracelet from which you didn´t know the existence anymore. Organize your jewellery and check which items you would like to keep and which you don´t.

Divide into 3 categories

By dividing your jewellery collection into 3 categories, you make it easier for yourself to finally update your jewellery collection:

  • Keep. You better keep the pieces that you are devoted to. These diamond jewellery usually have an emotional value and you wear them on a daily basis.
  • Re-use. Some jewels do no longer suit your style, but contain beautiful diamonds and/or gemstones. These stones can be re-used and be set in a new jewel.
  • Sell. You´d better sell the pieces that you do not find beautiful anymore. By selling these pieces you will have some extra money to buy yourself a new diamond jewel.

Old and new

This is the best part, because now you can really start updating your jewellery collection. Combine the different jewellery in a different way, by adding new ones, and combine again. This way your jewellery collection will have a completely different look.

Are you planning to buy a diamond jewel, please take a look at our extensive collection. If you have questions about a specific model, do not hesitate to contact us.

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