It’s summertime. Time to take those summery jewels out of your jewel box. Or - and this would be even better - to buydiamond jewels. These fun summer outfits deserve fresh and playful jewellery. The tendencies of this summer are female, delicate and full of fantasy. Here are the 5 biggest tendencies:

Red gold

Red gold has been extremely popular for some seasons now, and this summer we really can’t get around it. This precious metal has a warm colour and a vintage look. Many people think that red gold doesn’t match every outfit, but this isn’t true at all: it’s very easy to combine, even with other precious metals.

Nature as a source of inspiration

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and this is not different for diamond jewellery. This summer season, jewellery designers got inspired again by the fauna and flora around them. It’s like Art Nouveau, where people nostalgically looked at the playful shapes of nature. It shouldn’t be a surprise that many women get convinced to buy a nature inspired diamond jewel.

Fine bracelets

By combining several fine diamond bracelets, you create a unique look over and over again. You can completely cut loose: combine, multiple models, styles and noble metals. 


Butterflies are very summery, cute and female, but they have a timeless character. Have a look at our Monarca collection. It’s inspired on the beautiful monarch butterfly, and symbolizes frivolity, dynamics and colourful beauty.

Colourful diamonds

We all love the timeless and classic look of colourful diamonds. But if you want to be fashionable, we advise you to buydiamond jewelry set with coloured diamonds. It’s ideal to brighten up your summer dress a little.

If you’re planning to buydiamond jewelry, we’re here to help you. If you want more information about one of our models, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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