Finally it’s summertime. Your beach holiday is booked, the outfits are ready, etc., but have you already thought about the matching diamond jewels? You should be careful on the beach. Sand and salty water can irreparably damage the diamond(s). In fact, wearing your diamond jewels on the beach is strongly advised against. It’s better, for example, to just keep your engagement ring at home. Though there are still some models you can perfectly wear. If you’re planning to buy a nice diamond jewel so that you can shine on your holidays, these 5 models are the ideal accessory.  

Médaillon d’Anvers

With the Médaillon d’Anvers, the Antwerp designers duo Wouters & Hendrix created a beautiful summer jewel. It’s ideal to brighten that cute bikini, but it’s also nice in combination with the off-the-shoulder look, which is very popular nowadays. This locket is available in yellow, white and red gold.

Monarco earrings

The Monarco collection is inspired on the magnificent monarch butterfly. Butterflies are very summery. The diamond earrings from this collection are therefore perfect for a holiday.

Fine necklace + pendant

Women currently prefer buying fine diamond necklaces. It’s also fun to wear different necklaces at the same time. Combine lengths and noble metals for a playful look.

Fine diamond earrings

A pair of fine diamond earrings can subtly brighten a summery outfit. There’s nothing wrong with a touch of glamour on your holidays. Furthermore, they don’t disturb your daily holiday occupations, so you never have to take them off. 

The tennis bracelet

Women often buy a diamond jewel that’s both timeless and practical. Therefore, a nice diamond bracelet, like the tennis bracelet that’s completely set with diamonds, is the ideal accessory and matches every outfit perfectly. The bracelet is subtly present, but the sunlight is the real eye-catcher.

Buying a diamond jewel is something you should consider carefully. If you want more information about these models, don’t hesitate to contact us

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