It´s spring – though it might not always feels like- and the flowers bloom. Beautiful colors and fresh scents. It is the Art Nouveau season, the art moving of the late 19th and the early 20th century that is still becoming popular. Vintage jewellery has always been very popular. Women are fond of romantic art nouveau styles and try their best to buy diamond jewellery from that period of time. But what makes Art Nouveau so special? We take a closer look to this art movement. 

Pure romance

Art Nouveau focuses on modernisation. Where other art movements were very geometric and abstract, Art Nouveau found her inspiration in nature. The influence of this style was on the former architecture, fashion, art and of course jewellery. In any case, buying diamonds is very romantic, but Art Nouveau styles are even more romantic. They symbolize pure romance. The main features are wavy lines, dark organic colors (mustard yellow, olive green, dark red and brown) and representations of natural objects, like vines, butterflies, orchids and wings of insects. Are you familiar with the work of Aubrey Beardsley, Gustav Klimt, Alfons Mucha and Victor Horta, than you know what Art Nouveau is.

Art Nouveau jewellery

Are you planning to buy a diamond for your girlfriend and she loves vintage, you can surprise her with an Art Nouveau jewel, or a modern model that exudes the same atmosphere. Art Nouveau jewellery has an antique charm, but are still very modern.

Art Nouveau returns to nature. Nature- and its threats- are nowadays a hot topic. Flowers are full of symbolism. A diamond flower ring for example is a unique symbol of love.

Would you like to buy a diamond jewel that exudes the atmosphere of Art Nouveau, we might have some models in our collection inspired by nature. The Monarca collection is a perfect example.

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