Buying a diamond for the mother of your child(ren) is a great idea, especially with Mother’s day. Not only she can show it off, when you buy her a diamond, you also let her know how much she means to you. Basically, you can give each jewel, but we made a nice selection for you. Here are some tips to surprise her with a diamond gift:

Diamond ring

We all want to buy a diamond ring as a gift for Mother’s day. Diamond rings are seen as the ultimate symbol of love. A solitaire ring is nice as an engagement ring, but for Mother’s day, it has to be something more special. Think about coloured diamonds or precious stones, these are very beautiful in combination with (colourless) stones. Moreover, coloured diamonds are increasingly seen as a good investment, the pink ones in particular.

A tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelet or eternity bracelet is a delicate and elegant bracelet which is (completely) set with a symmetrical pattern of diamonds. It is a light and flexible bracelet, ideal for women with an active (family) life. Subtle, yet breathtakingly beautiful, it is the perfect diamond jewel to wear with any outfit.

Pendant + necklace

A fine necklace is always pretty, especially combined with a cute pendant set with diamonds and/or gemstones. Fine jewellery is nowadays very popular, principally with mothers who daily have very busy schedules. A fine necklace with a beautiful pendant doesn’t bother them during normal household tasks. It’s a jewel they can wear every day.

Médaillon d’Anvers

An eyecatcher is our Médaillon d’Anvers collection, which is exclusively designed for us by Wouters & Hendrix. These are available in yellow, white and red gold. A nice touch is that you can place a photo of your child(ren) inside.

You can buy a diamond for Mother’s day with us. At BAUNAT we have an extensive collection of diamond jewellery, something for every mother.

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